The reason for the ice bucket for ALS… I think I’m starting to get it…

I know I criticized the Ice Bucket challenge but I’ll confess it… that was a wrong thing to do. After doing a little more reading about ALS, I understand the whole dumping the ice water over your head thing. You see, when people have ALS, they have weak muscles and it makes their body feel numb. When you feel ice cold water, that makes you feel the same way a little bit. I think the whole message is that they want you know what it would feel like to have ALS. That’s the whole point of the ice water thing. Feeling ice and cold on your body makes your body weaker just like ALS does.

I’ll have a change of heart with this ALS Ice Bucket challenge and agree that we’re all doing a positive thing for once. We all go through so much negative politics and negative current events in the news, it’s time for the world to do something positive.

Everybody is on the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, not just America. The whole world pretty much. Both political parties support it too: Conservatives and Liberals. We’re all in on it.

It’s a good idea actually.

I’ll admit that it’s interesting when celebs do it. Why? When celebs do the Ice Bucket challenge, you’ll get to know them a little bit more. You’ll start to see that famous people are just normal people like us. You’ll get to see a part of their home a little bit, that’s the cool part. You’ll get to see their families and friends in their ice bucket videos. You get to know who they are just a little more.

This ice bucket challenge is just fun. That’s all it is. When people criticize the Ice Bucket Challenge; chances are, they don’t know much about the ALS disease.

It’s just funny to see people’s reaction when they get ice cold water dumped on them. Some people scream. Some people don’t. To the people who don’t scream when they get ice cold water dumped on them, they’re probably used to the ice cold.

I’ll do mine at some point. I haven’t gotten any challenges yet somehow. If I don’t get any challenges, I’ll just do mine anyway.

Today, I just saw Kermit the Frog’s Ice Bucket and George W. Bush’s. They’re both real funny. I’ll post the videos later.

I’m hoping Sly Stallone does his ’cause he’s getting challenged like crazy. I’m sure he’ll get to it. I wish Arnold would do his too.


3 thoughts on “The reason for the ice bucket for ALS… I think I’m starting to get it…”

  1. I’m not sure if I’m 100% correct on why people use ice water to dump on their heads but it’s just my observation and my take on it.

    Look at all the symptoms of ALS:

    Early signs and symptoms of ALS include:

    -Difficulty walking, tripping or difficulty doing your normal daily activities.
    -Weakness in your leg, feet or ankles.
    -Hand weakness or clumsiness.
    -Slurring of speech or trouble swallowing.
    -Muscle cramps and twitching in your arms, shoulders and tongue.

    Yeah, definitely sounds like some of that stuff would happen when you get wet with ice water. If you watch all the ice bucket videos you can see some people having trouble walking and having some clumsiness after. So I think I’m pretty much right.

    When I do mine at some point, I’m not gonna half ass it with a small bucket like a lot of people do. I’ll do it with a big bucket and will make it entertaining for everyone. I’ll fill up the big bucket with lots of ice. Not a little bit. I’ll wait a few more days to see if anyone will challenge me but if nobody cares, I’ll do it on my own.


  2. Oh yeah, and when I do mine, I’m probably gonna do it shirtless too. I think guys are pussies when they do it with their clothes on. Come on, now!!!


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