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New James Bond 007 flick, “No Time To Die” pushed back to April of 2021… smart move honestly…

This is the smartest move that Hollywood has ever done honestly and I actually like it and have no problem with the pushback! MGM and Universal announced today that the newest 007 Bond flick, “No Time To Die” is getting pushed back to April of 2021. It was originally going to be released in Nov. of this year but since the pandemic is still going on and many states across the US still having movie theaters closed, it makes more sense to release this film after this pandemic shit.

If they released this movie in Nov. as scheduled then many Bond fans won’t be able to see it in a theater and it would have a negative impact on box office numbers. Yeah, some states in the US do have movie theaters open now but the film would still lose a lot of money.

The studios really care for the Bond fans that really want to see the next Bond film which is the last film of the Daniel Craig era. They know a lot of people looking forward to the movie since the film getting a lot of buzz and they would feel bad if a lot of fans don’t get to see it ’cause of Covid so they thought it would be better to push it back.

I have no problem with it. I’m all for the pushback. They busted their ass making this film and worked really hard so why release it this year when not many will get to see it, ya know? Makes more sense to release it next year.

I’m a huge 007 fan. Seen all the Bond movies. Seen all 25 films and looking forward to the next one for sure.


Sly Stallone “Rocky” watch party from facebook last night…

Last night on FB, I watched the “Rocky” online party with Sylvester Stallone the man himself on FB. Sly Stallone was live online last night giving live commentary as he watches the first Rocky movie with the internet.

Since I’m such a huge Sly Stallone and Rocky fan myself, I just had to get on the MGM studios facebook page so I can watch it myself. Watch parties online are pretty interesting, though… that was my first watch party… watching a movie online while an actor watches it himself.

Throughout the first “Rocky” movie which came out in 1976, Sly just gave all kinds of behind the scenes insight throughout the film. I was impressed with Sly… he did a real good job and his insight about the movie was interesting. I’ve seen the first “Rocky” 100’s of times since it’s one of my favorite movies ever and after all these years I’ve seen the film so many times, there were so many new things that I learned about the film that I didn’t know about yet thanks for Sly’s commentary on it.

Sly admitted on the Watch Party that he doesn’t watch his own movies that much… so him watching his own movie was interesting too. As Sly was watching “Rocky” it was interesting watching his reaction to certain scenes especially the Rocky and Adrian love making scene in Rocky’s apartment. As you watch Sly watching his own movie and talking about it, you can tell he loves the Rocky character so much.

In this lockdown and during these hard times, even Sly himself is bored to death and he’s doing whatever to continue to entertain his fanbase. Sly is an interesting guy and he’s a very intelligent man when it comes to movie making. I’m hoping he does watch parties for all the other Rocky films and the two Creed films as well… just maybe, we’ll wait and see.

I’m glad I watched the “Rocky” watch party and hope Sly has more of them.


40 years ago today the first “Rocky” film came out…

I love the first “Rocky”. It’s one of my favorite films ever made and a very important film in my life that has inspired me. It’s not just a movie about boxing. It’s a movie about “life”. A movie about moving forward, things like that.

The first Rocky helped give us 6 more sequels. Yes, the movie “Creed” counts as Rocky 7.

I like all the Rocky movies including Rocky V but nothing will top the first one. My favorite scenes from the first Rocky are in the videos above.

I may be a huge fan of Sly Stallone and watched almost all of his films but his work in Rocky will always stand out to me the most.


007 “Spectre” trailer is finally here!

Not only will this be the final James Bond film for director Sam Mendes, will this also be the final Bond film for Daniel Craig as well? This trailer is giving us hints that this could be the last Daniel Craig 007 film ’cause Bond wants to “disappear”.

There’s been a lot of talk that Sony wants Bond to be a black guy in the next film after this one. Will Idris Elba be the next Bond? They already changed the Miss Moneypenny character to a black woman so maybe that’s a sign?

Anyway, I think “Spectre” looks great and can’t wait for it. I’m a huge Bond fan. Seen every film.


Will Idris Elba be the next Bond???

Big rumor leaked by Sony hackers that Amy Pascal wants Idris Elba to be the next James Bond after “Spectre”. So does this mean that Daniel Craig is all done with 007 after “Spectre”??? Mr. Craig hanging it up??? News of a black 007 doesn’t surprise me at all ’cause MGM studios have been talking about experimenting with a black Bond for many years.

Keep in mind that all the Bond movies over the years were never sequels. Each one were stand-alone stories for the most part so you didn’t really need to watch ’em all in order. I hope “Spectre” is not gonna be the last Daniel Craig film ’cause I think it’s safe to say that Daniel is the best 007 out of them all, in my opinion.


I’ve been watching 007 flicks on Netflix all week. Don’t get me wrong… Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton made great 007’s but I still feel Daniel Craig is the best of them all. Daniel Craig is the real Bond, in my opinion. He was the true Bond. I’ve been re-watching the Bond movies on Netflix and so far, I still think, “Skyfall” is the best Bond movie out of the 23 films we have so far.

I hope Mr. Craig isn’t thinking about retirement this soon… I was hoping he will do a few more. Mr. Craig is one of my favorite actors, though. That guy really is an amazing talent.

Do I think a black Bond is a good idea? Sure, why not! It doesn’t hurt to try to do something different and do some experimenting. I mean, Daniel Craig himself is all for a black Bond:


It’s definitely gonna spark a lot of controversy with a black Bond but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try! Keep in mind that James Bond wasn’t written for one actor to play. James Bond is a character that can last forever so different actors can play him.


Cool Video: “Robocop” remake actually looks pretty awesome!!!

MGM released the first trailer for the “Robocop” remake and I’m actually kind of impressed with it! I was skeptical of the remake but now that I’ve seen the trailer, I guess I’ll have a positive opinion for it. Joel Kinnaman is the new Robocop. The film also stars Sam L. Jackson and Gary Oldman. I like the new Robocop armor as well.

While the remake does look like a good one, it still won’t top the original with Peter Weller. The original is an essential classic. The original is one of my favorite films of all time.


Report: Say what? Sylvester Stallone is set to play Rocky one more time??? Seems like it’s for real!!!!

Sly maybe done with the Rocky series but he never said anything about retiring the character for good! There’s a spinoff movie coming from the Rocky franchise. A film called, “Creed”, which will focus on the life of Apollo Creed’s grandson. MGM studios is setting Ryan Coogler to direct and Michael B. Jordan to play the grandson of Apollo. Sylvester Stallone is set to reprise his role as Rocky Balboa for the 7th time.

The story will be about Appolo’s grandson wanting to become a boxing champion much like his grandfather, Appolo, but he doesn’t have to and his family doesn’t want him to. So he goes for Rocky Balboa who is a retired boxer and becomes a mentor for Apollo’s grandson (Rocky will be his possible trainer too, I bet?).

Read the full story, here.

MGM studios must of gotten Sly’s written permission to make this movie since Sly fully owns the rights to the Rocky franchise. So Sly himself must be all for this film! I’m all for Sly playing Rocky one more time. He deserves another shot since, “Rocky Balboa”, the last Rocky film was kind of a disappointment and a let-down. “Rocky Balboa” was a good movie, don’t get me wrong but could have been a better film.

Sly has been talking about bringing Rambo back to the big screen for one last time!

I’m definitely looking forward to the “Creed” film and looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do with it! I wonder if they’ll bring back Burt Young to play Paullie again as well?


Report: Sam Mendes in re-negotiations to direct sequel to “Skyfall”…

Earlier this year Sam Mendes pulled out of directing the follow-up to “Skyfall” due to other commitments but since the next Bond movie won’t get the green light ’til 2016, Sam is now in talks to direct the sequel to “Skyfall”. There has been other directors considered like Christopher Nolan and others but since that Sam will be available in three years, they can’t resist to have Sam back. I can’t blame them though ’cause Skyfall really was the best Bond film. I’m sure Sam will make the next movie just as good. I haven’t bought Skyfall on Blu-Ray yet but going to soon. I love the movie too much myself. It’s the true 007 film we’ve been wanting for years. Remember, the next Bond film won’t be for another three years. Has something to do with MGM studios and money stuff. “Skyfall” really was an incredible flick, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend it.

More on the story, here.


Report: MGM officially re-booting Tomb Raider film franchise…

After the re-boot of the “Tomb Raider” game franchise, it was only a matter of time, that MGM was going to confirm their re-boot of “Tomb Raider” films, sooner or later. Look like they’re finally going for it. This won’t be a third installment to the Angelina Jolie films. It will be a complete re-boot, and they are having plans in having a new actress play, Lara Croft.

It’s sounding like that they may make the new film adapted from the new game that was just released.

More on the story, here.

I’m almost finished with the new, “Tomb Raider”, game. As soon as I finish the game, I’ll give the game a full detailed review.

As for who I want to play the new Lara Croft for the new film, I think Jennifer Lawrence might be a good choice. Jennifer’s role in “The Hunger Games” movie, was kind of like Lara Croft. Jennifer looked great with a bow and arrow, and other survival equipment, she might be a good fit. I just hope they don’t go for somebody like Megan Fox or Zoe Saldana.

I thought the first Tomb Raider with Angelina was great, but the second one, “Cradle of Life” sucked. This film franchise deserves a re-boot with better films. Don’t hurt to give it another try.



BREAKING NEWS: Sam Mendes says no to directing Bond 24…

Despite all the positive reviews of “Skyfall” and the huge box office numbers, Sam Mendes says no to directing Bond 24, due to other commitments. He is scheduled to direct, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and “King Lear” films, and his focus on those two movies. Shame, I was hoping he would give Bond another shot, ’cause “Skyfall”, was a pretty amazing flick and it is indeed, the best Bond film ever made, in my opinion.

I almost bought “Skyfall” on BluRay yesterday, but ended up getting the new “Tomb Raider” game instead.

I don’t think other directors will make a good Bond film after this one, though. They will go downhill again.

See the director’s statement, here.