Report: MGM officially re-booting Tomb Raider film franchise…

After the re-boot of the “Tomb Raider” game franchise, it was only a matter of time, that MGM was going to confirm their re-boot of “Tomb Raider” films, sooner or later. Look like they’re finally going for it. This won’t be a third installment to the Angelina Jolie films. It will be a complete re-boot, and they are having plans in having a new actress play, Lara Croft.

It’s sounding like that they may make the new film adapted from the new game that was just released.

More on the story, here.

I’m almost finished with the new, “Tomb Raider”, game. As soon as I finish the game, I’ll give the game a full detailed review.

As for who I want to play the new Lara Croft for the new film, I think Jennifer Lawrence might be a good choice. Jennifer’s role in “The Hunger Games” movie, was kind of like Lara Croft. Jennifer looked great with a bow and arrow, and other survival equipment, she might be a good fit. I just hope they don’t go for somebody like Megan Fox or Zoe Saldana.

I thought the first Tomb Raider with Angelina was great, but the second one, “Cradle of Life” sucked. This film franchise deserves a re-boot with better films. Don’t hurt to give it another try.



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