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Samuel L. Jackson should shut up about Sly…

*sigh* If you watch Sly’s acceptance speech in the video below, Sly went back to the mic before commercial break ’cause he was trying to say stuff that he probably forgot. Probably forgot to thank more people off of his list which are probably Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan. So what? Sly made a mistake and he forgot a few things. When people give acceptance speeches at award shows they forget to thank important people all the time. It happens. So why jump on Sly for it? Ridiculous.

Oh I get it, Sam L. Jackson is another race baiter like Obama & Sharpton. If white people neglect black people, they’ll cry “no diversity”. Sly was quick to respond out of fear of being called “racist”.

Sam Jackson needs to shut his big mouth. Once again, Sly made a mistake and I’m sure he won’t make that mistake again when he wins for “Creed” at the Oscars. He’ll mention Coogler and Jordan at the “Oscars” for sure.

Sly should thank Coogler and Jordan though ’cause those two guys helped him become an award winning actor to begin with. If it wasn’t for Coogler and Jordan then Rocky wouldn’t have came back to the big screen.


Cool Video: “Robocop” remake actually looks pretty awesome!!!

MGM released the first trailer for the “Robocop” remake and I’m actually kind of impressed with it! I was skeptical of the remake but now that I’ve seen the trailer, I guess I’ll have a positive opinion for it. Joel Kinnaman is the new Robocop. The film also stars Sam L. Jackson and Gary Oldman. I like the new Robocop armor as well.

While the remake does look like a good one, it still won’t top the original with Peter Weller. The original is an essential classic. The original is one of my favorite films of all time.


Report: Samuel L. Jackson to play Nick Fury in “Iron Man 2” and other Marvel movies….

Sam L.  Jackson has ended his feud with Marvel, and signed a deal to reprise his role as Nick Fury in “Iron Man 2”. Jackson has also signed a huge deal to star as the same character in a few other Marvel movies such as, “Thor”, and “Captain America”. Jackson had a feud with Marvel over payments, sounds like Jackson was disgusted that he was offered very little pay for the sequel when the first “Iron Man” made millions. Seems like Marvel resolved things for him to make things better at his request.

Variety Reports:


Great news, that he’s back on. I enjoyed “Iron Man”, but it’s not the best Marvel movie ever. I hope the sequel will improve.