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Does Lindsay Lohan have the right to sue the makers of “Grand Theft Auto V”??? I’d say yes…

The “Mean Girls” star, Lindsay Lohan, have sued the makers of “Grand Theft Auto V” claiming they used her likeness without her permission. She accused them of using her image, voice and all the problems that she had in her life to use for the game. Sorry to say, everyone but I have noticed all kinds of similarities of Lindsay Lohan for the game. Especially the girl pictured on the front cover of the box art. It seems like the game was attacking Lindsay all the way even though her name wasn’t being used.

I think she’s doing the right thing looking into it. I’m no fan of Lindsay myself but she has the right to sue if she feels that entertainment media is trying to make her look bad publicly.

I played “GTAV”. It’s a cool game but there’s a lot of whacky storylines in it, though. Plus the game was too easy and predictable.

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BREAKING NEWS: “Grand Theft Auto V” finally announced!!!!

Well, Rockstar games finally announced, “Grand Theft Auto V”. The teaser will be released, Nov. 2nd. Details and the plot for the next installment are being kept under wraps for now, but we will know everything when the trailer is out.

My question is, will Niko Bellick return? “Grand Theft Auto IV” was a major hit and Niko Bellick (voiced by Michael Hollick) became one of the most popular video game characters of all time. Hopefully, Nikko returns as your playable character.

“Grand Theft Auto IV” was a pretty good game but it was too easy and a piece of cake. Hopefully the next game will be more challenging and difficult. Hopefully it will have a lot more missions than the last game, ’cause I remember the last game was kind of short.