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About Martin Short and SNL…

After a little research on why Martin Short is part of the “5 Timers Club”, even though he has hosted the show 3 times, the reason Martin is a part of the club ’cause he was a regular cast member from 1984 – 1985. The year 1985 has the number 5, therefor, that’s what makes him qualified for the, “5 Timers Club”. Anything that has to do with 5, makes an SNL star eligible. I thought this was interesting, so I thought I would share it. Now I understand why he was a part of that group shot photo.

Edit to add: Same thing with Dan Aykroyd, he hasn’t hosted SNL that much, he was regular cast member from 1975-1979.


Cool Photo: SNL legends pose together for a group shot…


I just had to steal this photo from Steve Martin’s official facebook page. This is backstage at SNL, the night Justin Timberlake hosted, the 5 Timers Club. The 5 Timers Club are people who has either hosted or been a musical guest for 5 times or more. Tom Hanks is in the photo ’cause he hosted SNL 8 times. Paul Simon was both host and musical guest at least 5 times or a little more. Of course, Chevy, Dan, and Steve hosted SNL way more than 5 times.

I’m not sure why Martin Short is in the photo ’cause he hasn’t hosted SNL 5 times yet. Surprisingly, Martin is not a 5 Timer yet. Maybe he’s in this photo ’cause he’s friends with those guys especially Chevy, Dan, and Steve.

The guy in the red shirt standing next to Chevy, that’s none other than the SNL head honcho, boss of the show, Lorne Michaels. Isn’t it weird that Tom seems to be the only one not smiling? I think he’s purposely not smiling as part of the humor thing in this photo.

It’s great to see the, The Three Amigos, together again, though. Remember, “The Three Amigos” movie with Chevy, Steve, and Martin? That’s one of my favorite comedies of all time. Good to see Chevy smiling after all that, “Community”, debacle.