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Cool Photo: SNL legends pose together for a group shot…


I just had to steal this photo from Steve Martin’s official facebook page. This is backstage at SNL, the night Justin Timberlake hosted, the 5 Timers Club. The 5 Timers Club are people who has either hosted or been a musical guest for 5 times or more. Tom Hanks is in the photo ’cause he hosted SNL 8 times. Paul Simon was both host and musical guest at least 5 times or a little more. Of course, Chevy, Dan, and Steve hosted SNL way more than 5 times.

I’m not sure why Martin Short is in the photo ’cause he hasn’t hosted SNL 5 times yet. Surprisingly, Martin is not a 5 Timer yet. Maybe he’s in this photo ’cause he’s friends with those guys especially Chevy, Dan, and Steve.

The guy in the red shirt standing next to Chevy, that’s none other than the SNL head honcho, boss of the show, Lorne Michaels. Isn’t it weird that Tom seems to be the only one not smiling? I think he’s purposely not smiling as part of the humor thing in this photo.

It’s great to see the, The Three Amigos, together again, though. Remember, “The Three Amigos” movie with Chevy, Steve, and Martin? That’s one of my favorite comedies of all time. Good to see Chevy smiling after all that, “Community”, debacle.


Thought: How can Steve Martin be boring? Seriously???

Steve Martin, hosted a show at a venue called, 92nd Street Y, in NYC, to promote his new book, “The Object of Beauty”, but the audience complained about the show ’cause Steve was too boring to them. Steve was not acting funny and wasn’t telling jokes on stage that he’s known for. Instead, he went to talk about something serious and talked about art most of the time. The venue apologized for the show and gave the audience refunds.

Read more on the story, here.

In Steve’s defense, anybody that calls Steve Martin boring, is a stupid idiot. Does a standup comedian always need to be funny and entertaining, all the time? NO!!!!!!!!!!! Steve Martin is never boring. Whether he gets funny or serious, whatever. I think his topic on art would be pretty interesting. It’s just that the whiny audience had something to complain about.

There is a reason that Steve was unfunny that night. His book, “Object of Beauty” is about the arts & culture. A serious subject, not about comedy at all. If you go to a Steve Martin show about this book, you would have to expect him not to be funny. The new book is a fiction novel about a young woman named Lacey Yeager who is an art dealer. The book sounds interesting to me, I’d like to read it myself.

Steve just wants to try something that’s not comedy for once, give the guy a break!


Is Alec Baldwin depressed again???

I remember when Alec Baldwin did a Playboy interview a while back, he admitted to being suicidal in the past. Now it looks like he’s being suicidal again. I guess he wasn’t lying when he says he’s a suicidal person. I wonder if Alec will even make it to the Oscars when he hosts it with Steve Martin on March 7th? The guy revealed not too long ago that he wants to quit acting for good and hopefully go into politics or something. If he wants to quit acting this soon, then that means something must be up with Alec in his personal life.

I don’t mean to predict death on someone, but I think Alec needs to get the help that he needs before he actually committs suicide this year. If he doesn’t get any better soon, he could pull out of the Oscars, never know. Remember, he didn’t even appear at the Golden Globes when he won for his role for “30 Rock” for whatever reason.


BREAKING NEWS: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will be hosting the 82nd Oscars in 2010…

Well, I guess my Oscar host prediction for 2010 was wrong. Neil Patrick Harris may not be getting the opportunity to host his first Oscar award show yet, but don’t worry Doogie Howser, I’m sure you’ll get your chance.

Funny man, Steve Martin and “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin are signed on as the hosts of the 82nd Annual Oscar awards in 2010.

Keep in mind that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin both star in a comedy film together with Meryl Streep, a film titled, “It’s Complicated”. A film about Steve and Alec both having a love relationship with the same woman, and they fight over her.

Variety Reports:


To be honest, I’m totally dissapointed with the choice. Who wants to see Steve and Alec making fun of each other throughout the entire award show? *yawn*

Steve Martin is entertaining and funny, don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but he already hosted twice! Give Doogie Howser a chance, I was rooting for him!

I don’t even like Alec Baldwin, the guy’s a douchebag.


Report: Steve Martin to make Grande Ole Opry debut May 30th…

Steve Martin, the legendary multi talented celebrity will be making a debut live musical performance at the Grande Old Opry, May 30th. Steve Martin is a man that does it all. He’s a stand up comic, a film actor, screen writer, play writer, and a singer/songwriter, banjo player.

The Grande Ole Opry is a legendary music venue mostly known for legendary country and bluegrass artists to take the stage for live music performances for radio and television. The Grande Old Opry is in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Associated Press reports:


Steve Martin is talented musically. This ought to be good.