Thought: How can Steve Martin be boring? Seriously???

Steve Martin, hosted a show at a venue called, 92nd Street Y, in NYC, to promote his new book, “The Object of Beauty”, but the audience complained about the show ’cause Steve was too boring to them. Steve was not acting funny and wasn’t telling jokes on stage that he’s known for. Instead, he went to talk about something serious and talked about art most of the time. The venue apologized for the show and gave the audience refunds.

Read more on the story, here.

In Steve’s defense, anybody that calls Steve Martin boring, is a stupid idiot. Does a standup comedian always need to be funny and entertaining, all the time? NO!!!!!!!!!!! Steve Martin is never boring. Whether he gets funny or serious, whatever. I think his topic on art would be pretty interesting. It’s just that the whiny audience had something to complain about.

There is a reason that Steve was unfunny that night. His book, “Object of Beauty” is about the arts & culture. A serious subject, not about comedy at all. If you go to a Steve Martin show about this book, you would have to expect him not to be funny. The new book is a fiction novel about a young woman named Lacey Yeager who is an art dealer. The book sounds interesting to me, I’d like to read it myself.

Steve just wants to try something that’s not comedy for once, give the guy a break!


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