Is Alec Baldwin depressed again???

I remember when Alec Baldwin did a Playboy interview a while back, he admitted to being suicidal in the past. Now it looks like he’s being suicidal again. I guess he wasn’t lying when he says he’s a suicidal person. I wonder if Alec will even make it to the Oscars when he hosts it with Steve Martin on March 7th? The guy revealed not too long ago that he wants to quit acting for good and hopefully go into politics or something. If he wants to quit acting this soon, then that means something must be up with Alec in his personal life.

I don’t mean to predict death on someone, but I think Alec needs to get the help that he needs before he actually committs suicide this year. If he doesn’t get any better soon, he could pull out of the Oscars, never know. Remember, he didn’t even appear at the Golden Globes when he won for his role for “30 Rock” for whatever reason.


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