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Norm Macdonald reveals the reason for lack of Eddie Murphy on “SNL 40″…

Fans of Eddie Murphy were upset that the legendary comedian/actor didn’t have much of an appearance on “SNL 40”. Everyone was hoping that Eddie would be involved in a big skit but instead he got a tiny cameo appearance during the Chevy Chase skit.

Norm Macdonald revealed some big secrets on his twitter page saying that Eddie was originally gonna be in a big comedy skit on “SNL 40”. Eddie was originally supposed to be in “Celebrity Jeopardy” and Eddie was originally supposed to play Bill Cosby as a way to make fun of all Cosby’s rape accusations.

Eddie said no. Eddie didn’t want to do it ’cause he didn’t want to disrespect another comedy legend so I take it that Eddie supports Bill Cosby and staying on his side? This is Eddie’s way of defending Bill Cosby? Looks like it. It’s no surprise that Eddie Murphy would do something like this ’cause Eddie has been a Cosby fan & supporter for many years. Listen to Eddie talk about Cosby “positively” during Eddie’s old “RAW” comedy show in the video below.

What Eddie did here was cool. He’s a class act.



Report: “Twins” sequel is on the way, yes, Arnold & Danny are coming back, but Eddie a third brother???

The 1988 comedy film, “Twins”, directed by Ivan Reitman, also starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito could be getting a sequel. Yes, Arnold and Danny could be coming back, but this film doesn’t mean it’s green lighted, it’s just in the planning stages. They also want to throw Eddie Murphy, in as a third brother. There’s no plans of Ivan directing it again, he will only serve as producer as of now.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

Arnie needs  to get a hold of James Cameron, Tom Arnold, and Jamie Lee Curtis, to see if they can get a sequel to, “True Lies”. I would rather see a sequel of “True Lies”, instead of “Twins”.


Report: And your replacement host for the Oscars is…Billy Crystal…again…

Well, this is no surprise and totally expected! Billy Crystal is set to host the Oscars for the 9th time! Replacing Eddie Murphy. The Muppets may not be hosting the Oscars this year, but maybe the Muppets will make an appearance during Billy’s opening segment for the show? After all, Billy did make a cameo appearance in the new “Muppets” movie coming out in theaters later this year. Could the Muppets do a song and dance performance with Billy? Could be a possibility.

More on it, here.

Anyway, I like Billy Crystal. He’s a very talented actor and a funny comedian. I loved, “City Slickers”, “When Harry Met Sally”, and “Analyze This/That”. All great movies.



Report: Eddie Murphy out as Oscars host, who is going to replace him???

Look like Eddie Murphy says, “hosting the Oscars is for f*gs”. Ooopps, somebody had to say it!

More on the story, here.

The question you’re all probably wondering is, why would he drop out of the Oscars after Brett Ratner dropping out? Well for one, Eddie and Brett have worked on films together in the past. Secondly, they are great friends and Eddie probably felt that his performance couldn’t be done without him. It’s about the artistic direction, I would believe.

Now the important question is, who is going to re-place Eddie Murphy??? Hugh Jackman? Billy Crystal? Steve Martin? Alec Baldwin? Hugh Jackman would not do it because I remember him saying that hosting the Oscars was a one-off kind of thing for him. The other guys I listed is a possibility.

Lets hope they don’t bring James Franco and Anne Hathaway back because they were terrible. I’m sure the Academy would announce a replacement very soon here. I’m sure they already have a second host lined up in case, Eddie backed out.


BREAKING NEWS: Eddie Murphy confirmed to host Oscars!!!

Well, that was fast! Earlier this week it was announced that the Academy is in talks with Eddie Murphy to host this year’s Oscars, it is already confirmed. Eddie is game for hosting the Oscars this year.

Deadline, reports.

This is a much better choice of host than last year. Last year, it was James Franco and Anne Hathaway, they weren’t funny. I’m sure Eddie Murphy will be very funny and will bring lots of laughs. The Academy’s filming crew better have their censor button ready ’cause he’s going to drop a lot of swearing.

Congrats to Eddie, he deserves to get recognized again.

I wish Eddie would get back into action movies instead of doing all of these films for kids. I hope a 4th Beverly Hills Cop movie will happen too.


Thought: Would Eddie Murphy be a good host for the Oscars? I’d say YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the Oscars finally get a good host for once? Deadline was the first to report that the Oscars are in talks with Beverly Hills Cop star, Eddie Murphy to host the next Oscars. As you all know film director, Brett Ratner, is producing this year’s Oscars and he was the one that recommended the Academy to hire Eddie as host.

Would Eddie Murphy be a good host? Oh hell yeah! Absolutely! Eddie Murphy’s career maybe sinking lately by making a bunch of bad movies, but he had a successful career in the 80’s and early 90’s. Eddie Murphy is most famous for movies such as “48 hrs.”, the “Beverly Hills Cop” trilogy, “Coming To America”, “Harlem Nights”, and the two “Nutty Professor” sequels.

He’s a great actor and a great stand up comedian. Plus, this would be a great opportunity for Eddie to get his career back on track just by hosting the Oscars. While he is a very talented stand up comedian, he’s going to have to cut out the swearing and the dirty talk ’cause he does a lot of that at his stand up shows. I’m sure he’s going to drop a few F bombs by accident if he hosted the Oscars, but that’s the way comedians talk on stage. I think there’s going to be a lot of bleeping outs.

I’m all for Eddie hosting the Oscars. I hope they get him. It’ll be good for his career. He’s probably going to make fun of himself for not winning an Oscar most of the time, although he did get nominated for, “Dreamgirls”.


Report: Bill Condon to direct Richard Pryor biopic, Marlon Wayans to star…

“Dreamgirls” director, Bill Condon, is in negotiations with Columbia Pictures to direct the Richard Pryor biopic. Condon has been dreaming of directing a Richard Pryor film for many years, and Columbia wants to make his dream come true for him.

Eddie Murphy was originally set to star as Richard Pryor in the film, but Murphy dropped out due to the film switching studios and Murphy wanting a higher paycheck. The film was first developed by The Weinstein Co. but Harvey Weinstein sold the rights to Condon ’cause he knew that Condon would be the right guy for the film.

Adam Sandler’s film company, Happy Madison, ended up getting the movie along with Chris Rock, Jennifer Pryor and others to produce it. They got it because they know Richard Pryor more than anybody and they wanted to make a Richard Pryor film right.

They plan to begin filming in the Spring of 2010.

Variety Reports:


I like the idea of Marlon Wayans being Richard Pryor. This sounds like an Oscar opportunity for Marlon.

This will be a special film and am looking forward to it.

Richard Pryor was one of my top 5 favorite stand up comedians and film actors. I loved him in movies like, “The Toy”, “Brewster’s Millions” and “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”. RIP Pryor.


Report: Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor…

Could a role like this finally land Eddie Murphy an Oscar nomination for “Best Actor” category? It’s possible. Yes, Eddie Murphy was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Supporting Actor” when he starred in the “Dreamgirls” movie, but he didn’t win. Does a Richard Pryor biopic have Oscar award written all over it? It can be possible if the movie is made right.

Eddie Murphy, is attached to star as Richard Pryor, in the Richard Pryor biopic which the script is written and will be directed by Bill Condon. Right now, Bill Condon is shopping for film studios to see who is interested in buying his script so he can make it into a film. Fox Searchlight, the people who made “Slumdog Millionaire” is interested in the Richard Pryor biopic.

Eddie Murphy got the job to play Richard Pryor because he did Pryor impersonations in his movie “RAW”. I would think the Richard Pryor biopic will be about his entire life, from his childhood to his death. In his childhood, Richard grew up in a crazy life…being born in his grandmother’s brothel, and his father being a boxer and World War II veteran. Richard grew up with his abusive grandmother that beat him up as a child. I’m sure the biopic will later then focus on his teenage years of how he became a standup comedian and a film actor.

The film will probably focus on all the films he did like, “Brewster’s Millions”, “Superman III”, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”, “Stir Crazy”, “Harlem Nights” (him and Eddie Murphy starred in it together), “The Toy”, etc. I’m sure the Pryor biopic will end with emotional scenes about his death. Pryor died in 2005.

A Richard Pryor biopic will indeed, be a very intense and chilling film. Eddie Murphy is not very good at choosing his roles, but finally, he picked a great one this time. I’m sure Eddie will pull off a very good Richard Pryor performance that will be Oscar worthy enough. I wish Eddie the best in this role.

More on it here:



Report: Brett Ratner denies “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will be PG-13, he says it will be R rated and promises it will stay true to the first two films…

Brett Ratner, who is helming, “Beverly Hills Cop 4”, laughs off all the internet rumours on how the next film will be PG-13 family friendly and how fans say he’s going to ruin the next one. Ratner tells the internet to calm down, that he doesn’t plan to ruin the Beverly Hills Cop series. He plans to stay true to the first two films and make it a hard R rating. Make the film full of swearing and cussing like first two were, and lots of intense violence.

He denies Axel joining forces with an overweight cop but still in this article, Ratner didn’t say anything about Judge Reinhold reprising his role as Rosewood in the fourth film. He also explains that the next Beverly Hills Cop film is not another sequel to the series, it’s a re-invention. Sort of like another reboot.

More on it here:


Ratner better have Judge Reinhold in the next one, if he’s not in it, then I’m not seeing it. I’m sure all Beverly Hills Cop fans would want their Rosewood in the film, there can’t be a Beverly Hills movie without him. I’m sure Reinhold will want to do the movie.


Report: “Beverly Hills Cop 4” plot revealed!!! And it actually sounds decent!!!

“Beverly Hills Cop 4” continues to move forward with Brett Ratner directing, script written by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas. Film will be PG-13 and is slated for a 2010 release.

Synopsis below:

Story is set 15 years since Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy’s leading character) left Beverly Hills as a cop. He returned for a very good reason, his longtime partner Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) is brutally murdered in the streets. Rosewood was thrown off a building trying to make it look like a suicide. Foley has a new partner named Goodwin who is a fat rookie who has a crush on a lady cop. Axel vows to find out who killed his good friend Billy Rosewood, not trying to let other things get in his way.

More on it here:


While it does kind of suck that they are killing off Rosewood, it looks like Judge Reinhold WILL be in the movie after all but he will only get a small role due to getting killed off in the beggining. The story actually sounds decent. I’m liking it.

Hopefully Ratner did a good job with the film.