Report: Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor…

Could a role like this finally land Eddie Murphy an Oscar nomination for “Best Actor” category? It’s possible. Yes, Eddie Murphy was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Supporting Actor” when he starred in the “Dreamgirls” movie, but he didn’t win. Does a Richard Pryor biopic have Oscar award written all over it? It can be possible if the movie is made right.

Eddie Murphy, is attached to star as Richard Pryor, in the Richard Pryor biopic which the script is written and will be directed by Bill Condon. Right now, Bill Condon is shopping for film studios to see who is interested in buying his script so he can make it into a film. Fox Searchlight, the people who made “Slumdog Millionaire” is interested in the Richard Pryor biopic.

Eddie Murphy got the job to play Richard Pryor because he did Pryor impersonations in his movie “RAW”. I would think the Richard Pryor biopic will be about his entire life, from his childhood to his death. In his childhood, Richard grew up in a crazy life…being born in his grandmother’s brothel, and his father being a boxer and World War II veteran. Richard grew up with his abusive grandmother that beat him up as a child. I’m sure the biopic will later then focus on his teenage years of how he became a standup comedian and a film actor.

The film will probably focus on all the films he did like, “Brewster’s Millions”, “Superman III”, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”, “Stir Crazy”, “Harlem Nights” (him and Eddie Murphy starred in it together), “The Toy”, etc. I’m sure the Pryor biopic will end with emotional scenes about his death. Pryor died in 2005.

A Richard Pryor biopic will indeed, be a very intense and chilling film. Eddie Murphy is not very good at choosing his roles, but finally, he picked a great one this time. I’m sure Eddie will pull off a very good Richard Pryor performance that will be Oscar worthy enough. I wish Eddie the best in this role.

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