Report: Brett Ratner denies “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will be PG-13, he says it will be R rated and promises it will stay true to the first two films…

Brett Ratner, who is helming, “Beverly Hills Cop 4”, laughs off all the internet rumours on how the next film will be PG-13 family friendly and how fans say he’s going to ruin the next one. Ratner tells the internet to calm down, that he doesn’t plan to ruin the Beverly Hills Cop series. He plans to stay true to the first two films and make it a hard R rating. Make the film full of swearing and cussing like first two were, and lots of intense violence.

He denies Axel joining forces with an overweight cop but still in this article, Ratner didn’t say anything about Judge Reinhold reprising his role as Rosewood in the fourth film. He also explains that the next Beverly Hills Cop film is not another sequel to the series, it’s a re-invention. Sort of like another reboot.

More on it here:

Ratner better have Judge Reinhold in the next one, if he’s not in it, then I’m not seeing it. I’m sure all Beverly Hills Cop fans would want their Rosewood in the film, there can’t be a Beverly Hills movie without him. I’m sure Reinhold will want to do the movie.


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