Report: Catwoman doesn’t get along too well with Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Sparrow on the Hollywood Blvd.

I went to Hollywood last Fall around Halloween, and the Blvd. is one hell of an interesting street. The famous street can be both good and bad. The good: Lots of fun, and exciting things to do and see there. The bad: A lot of crazy whack jobs that hang in front of the Starbucks & the Chinese theater, the main part of the Blvd. When I mean whack jobs, are the people that dress up in movie and TV characters. They hang around there all day long, taking photos with the tourists. If you take photos with them, they will probably ask you for a donation. That’s what they do to make money. It’s been that way with Hollywood for years.

A fight broke out between other characters. Catwoman was busy doing her usual thing, taking photos with the tourists, and other characters tried to pick a fight with her too, interupting her photo sessions. She peppered sprayed Jack Sparrow and an Ozzy impersonator. Catwoman is being a real life hero here. I believe she used the pepper spray for self defense. She had the pepper spray on her for protection, knowing how crazy the Blvd can get sometimes. Sounds like the other characters got a little jealous of Catwoman ’cause she was probably taking more photos with tourists than the others. I’m on Catwoman’s side and she gets my support on this.

Read the full story, here.


One thought on “Report: Catwoman doesn’t get along too well with Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Sparrow on the Hollywood Blvd.”

  1. I don’t think Catwoman on Hollywood Blvd, is a hero but rather a very sick and dangerous person, who demands $5.00 payment for each photo, after the fact When she doesn’t get it, she goes postal. This was my experience on 10/1/12. I took my Dutch friends to Hollywood for the day. One of my friends was solicited by her to take a picture, she then demanded $5.00 and attempted to help my friend look in his wallet, really? To make matters worse, I walked up and offered her $2.00, she went on to tell me, I was jealous of her, make fun of my clothes and inform me I should take better care of myself. The sad part is that the person she verbally assaulted (me), is recovering from breast cancer and her words cut like a knife, into the first and only fun day I have planned in a year of my treatment. A hero? NO! A psycho woman who is capable of violence with mace in her pocket, YES! I think the police, mayor and city of Hollywood need to protect people like me from her. I will not let this rest until she is stopped! Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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