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Isn’t it weird how liberals get offended at Trump talking dirty but have no problem with Weiner’s sexting? wtf???

When it comes to Donald Trump’s locker room banter stuff, liberals get all offended and they all bashed Trump for it. When it comes to Weiner’s sexting, sending nude photos of himself to women and Weiner sexting to a 15 year old girl, liberals brush it off like it’s nothing. Really? I’m seeing a lot of liberals in facebook going, “Oh Weiner’s in the news again”. Do these freakin’ liberals really care about women like they claim they do? They seem to ignore Weiner’s sexting to women and Bill Clinton’s rape victims, yet they get all over Trump’s alleged treatment toward women. Trump apologized to the locker room banter talk and admitted to it, yet people are still bashing him. Yet, liberals don’t seem to have a care about Weiner’s sexting toward young women and Bill’s rape victims. Are liberals always this one-sided? Liberals love it when Trump gets in trouble and that’s all they care about. Those libtards never cease to amaze me still.


Hillary’s reopen of investigation of e-mails, not about Weiner or Abedin at all???

Man, this tweet is so right if you think about it. Remember, it was the NY Times that first reported that the e-mail discovery was through the Anthony Weiner thing. The NYTimes quickly blamed it on that even though that FBI letter never mentioned Weiner or Abedin.

I’m willing to bet that the e-mails are loaded with Benghazi information and that’s what the media is trying to distract you from. Remember, you don’t want to trust the NY Times ’cause that newspaper is very dishonest and corrupt to the core.

That tweet above makes total sense, I agree.


Cool Video: Frank Underwood spoof of the White House Correspondents Dinner…

Netflix’s original series, House of Cards, has gotten so popular that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is becoming a favorite character for everyone. The show decides to spoof the White House Correspondents dinner by having Frank Underwood join in. “House of Cards” is a political drama that has a bit of dark comedy in it as well. The show can also be humorous.

I laughed pretty hard at this video. Especially the Anthony Weiner comments which really did it to me.

“House of Cards”, really is a great show; wish they would get season 2 green-lighted already. Enjoy the laughs.



Thought: More on Anthony Weiner…

So the big news, that Anthony Weiner resigned from the House of Representative of the New York State today. He finally gave up. He couldn’t take the heat anymore.

I’m noticing on the internet that he’s getting a mix of love and hate for his actions, posting sexual pictures on twitter that sparked controversy.

To be real here, there is nothing wrong with taking sexual photos of yourselves and showing them to other people, as long it’s in their consent and as long as it’s in their legal age. It’s a sexual fantasy thing that a lot of people do. There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you enjoy it for your own privacy. It was his fault that this happened because he made it public on twitter.

Anthony Weiner has grown a large supportive fanbase because of this going on. I see a lot of wall posts in facebook, people saying “leave Weiner alone”, and all that stuff.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking sexual pictures of yourself, it can be very risky. Many people have done it, and many people have gotten fired from their jobs because of it. This is something that is called “karma”.

You must be very careful when you do these things. What happened with Anthony Weiner should be a lesson for everyone else. So just something to keep in mind for you all who have jobs out there. This can happen to anybody, not just politicians.


Cool Video: The Donald bashes Anthony Weiner in video…

The Donald destroys Anthony Weiner in his latest video blog. The Donald says he’s a psycho, and a badguy. Says he should never run for office again. This is why I like the Donald. He’s a great trash talker!

I agree. I’m tired of this Anthony Weiner drama. Why do we have to care about his weener bulge? What’s even more pathetic that the media actually posted pics of it!