FOX News airs a carjacker shooting himself in the head on live TV… ***WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT***

FOX News have been well known to air car chases live on TV over the years, but this time things get bad. They aired a live suicide on national TV. This is real stuff. It’s not a movie or a TV episode. This is just another reason to hate FOX News. They shouldn’t air police chases on live TV at all. They just do it for ratings. They had plenty of time to turn the cameras off in time, before he did it.


2 thoughts on “FOX News airs a carjacker shooting himself in the head on live TV… ***WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT***”

  1. I hope you appreciate the irony of you complaining about Fox airing that live….and you POSTING the LINK to it.

  2. You can’t blame fox news for “doing it for the ratings”.

    They’re just giving people what they want. Why do you think this stuff goes viral? People want to see it.

    If you want to blame someone, blame the sick fucks that clamor for this stuff. Where there’s a demand, there will always be a supply.

    But that’s all a moot point anyway, as Fox did not intend to air it. The normal 10 second delay they use for live tv was not running at the time.

    And Fox certainly wasn’t the first to do this. During the Iran hostage crisis, ABC broadcast the execution of a reporter by Iranian militants. Not only did they show it live, but they replayed it, UNedited over several newscasts. And that was in 1979! Long before todays’ violence loving and obsessed society.

    Another famous (or is it infamous?) one is Budd Dwyer. Google that one if you’re bored. But be warned-even with safe search set to strict, graphic images will still be right there on the very first page of results. Should we hate google now, too?

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