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FOX News airs a carjacker shooting himself in the head on live TV… ***WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT***

FOX News have been well known to air car chases live on TV over the years, but this time things get bad. They aired a live suicide on national TV. This is real stuff. It’s not a movie or a TV episode. This is just another reason to hate FOX News. They shouldn’t air police chases on live TV at all. They just do it for ratings. They had plenty of time to turn the cameras off in time, before he did it.


Report: Jared Loughner pleads guilty to all charges, but they don’t give him the death penalty…

This makes me sick! What’s wrong with our judicial system? It’s definitely broken for sure. Killing 6 people and injuring dozens of others, is not good enough for death penalty? Please! This evil son of a bitch deserves death.

How much do you want to bet that James Holmes of the Dark Knight shooting will not get death penalty either?

More on the story, here.


BREAKING NEWS: Jared Loughner too crazy for trial!!!

Look like Jared Loughner won’t go to trial for shooting Gabby Giffords and lots of others in Tucson, Aizona because the judge thinks he’s too much of a whack job. Loughner couldn’t make it to the competency hearing, he had to be dragged there by force and that still wouldn’t help.

Read the full story, here.

They should let Gabby pay this sick fuck a visit so she can spit him in the face. What a crazy animal this clown is.


Report: Hardcore XXX porn clip interupts Superbowl game TV in Tucson, Arizona…

So you live in Tucson, Arizona enjoying the Superbowl at a local sports bar there or watching the game at home with your family, and suddenly, you see a woman taking a man’s dick out on national TV. All uncensored too.

Maybe it’s speculation that it could be an accident in the TV broadcasting or just a bunch of TV crew, all drunk and put the porn tape on TV for a laugh. The incident is being investigated by the TV station.

TMZ reports:


Me thinks, it’s a bunch of idiot guys in the TV station, decided to pull a prank for a laugh.

Hilarious! Howard Stern will be all over this on Sirius radio all week!