WWE to look for different top superstar instead of John Cena soon???

Reports around the world of wrestling news, are saying that the WWE could be looking for someone new to take over the top spot as a main event superstar. For the last several years or more, the WWE has been shoving John Cena in our faces. Acting like he’s the next Hulk Hogan. Cena, being the hero and the face of the WWE. Well, it looks like those days will finally be over for him ’cause Cena is getting older, and with his age, it may be pretty silly to keep the superhero thing going for him. If they’re looking for a new top superstar, that would be the best time to turn Cena heel, they probably will, hoping.

WWE is looking at Sheamus “The Celtic Warrior” to take over the top spot, but the only problem is, Sheamus’s age.

Usually top babyfaces in WWE are always young guys. Remember, when Hulk Hogan used be around WWE years ago, he was young.

There are other guys in WWE right now that are worth that recognition maybe. In my opinion, if they want a young guy that will fit along the lines of Austin, the Rock (who were young back in the Attitude era), I would pick Wade Barrett, but again, his age, he’s 32. I think the Miz or Daniel Bryan could be the best choice.

See the article, here.

If it’s true that they are finally gonna cut some slack on Cena, that’s cool. I’m getting sick of the guy myself like most wrestling fans.


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