Final words on the Royals, then I’ll stop discussing this…

I stand by the things I said about the Royals, Kate Middleton and Prince William. The area that they were in may be a private and secluded area, but as long as people can see from the outside, doesn’t matter how far away, it’s no longer private. See what I mean? Even if it takes telescopic camera lens to see what they were doing from a building, the Royals are still being viewed publicly. Doesn’t matter what you think about it. So this is clearly the Royals fault. Just yesterday, I was watching Brian Williams on NBC report this story, and they were demonstrating on how easy it would be to see the Royals from a far away location. If the private chateau they were in were really private, they wouldn’t be seen at all, well someone from the outside got to see them. See how that no longer makes it a private area? Think about it.

On top of that, this wasn’t the first time that Kate Middleton, forced legal action on people taking photos of her without her consent. In 2009, she sued a photography company for taking photos of her playing tennis, while on a Holiday in Cornwall. When the Royals force legal action on the nude photos, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Prince William’s or the family’s decision, it’s all Kate’s.

I mean, fuck. If she wants to be married to a Royal family, she’s gonna have to learn that she’s not going to get much privacy, since she is a world public figure now. Like the Donald said, who wouldn’t take photos of the worlds famous Royal? If I spotted Kate in public and if I had a camera, would I take photos or videotaped her? You betcha I would. I’d do it in a heart beat! I can’t blame other guys for wanting to do it ’cause they can’t help themselves. Again, that’s what “power of fame”, does. A celebrity kind of thing.

The Royal Family agree to take legal action against these guys ’cause they are there for Kate. They would do anything in her favor, since they are rich and powerful people. The Royals take care of her ’cause she gets what she wants. That’s how evil women can be. Yes, I said that. So for all you people out there giving this couple support. Why? Who fucking cares, ya know? It’s ridiculous why this have to be a huge news story to begin with. The news media would report any news about celebrity sex scandals ’cause it helps the news gets ratings and would get people in social media going crazy. This shouldn’t be a huge thing.

On top of that, the Royal family in France, are not wonderful people as some would think of them to be. They are pretty powerful people and them taking legal action is showing it. If a real person’s privacy was invaded, and if our photos were posted on the internet, it would be very difficult for us to take legal action to take them down. It makes it easy for the Royals ’cause they are very rich.

Fame is what ruin people’s lives these days, it’s the fame that controls people.

This is my final thought on this. I’m closing the comments in this post ’cause I don’t feel like debating with empty minded people who feel sorry for the Royals ’cause I’ll feel like talking to a brick wall.