Brock talks about the Kate Middleton topless photos controversy…

So Prince William and Kate Middleton were vacationing in the South of France, and she has been caught sunbathing in the nude. The photos has been published to a gossip magazine, and now the Royals are suing the magazine, for invasion of privacy. When I saw this, I ask myself, “What invasion of privacy”? If you go nude in public, in front of people where others can see, that is no longer private. That gives anybody the freedom to take a camera and take photos. The thing is, there is nothing wrong with getting naked. People do these things all of the time.  When celebrities and famous people try to do it, that makes it more difficult for them to do ’cause they are such a famous public figure. Just ask Prince Harry. So I think the magazine didn’t do anything wrong. They had the right to do it. Nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying yourself. Be naked and free, all you want to but take responsibility for it. I think this lawsuit will be dismissed and won’t go anywhere. This was definitely the Royals fault.

Edit to add: I think I just made a blog post that everyone can actually agree with. So be happy. And, by the way, Kate Middleton is a hot piece of ass, I’d like to see the photos myself.


3 thoughts on “Brock talks about the Kate Middleton topless photos controversy…”

  1. From what I read she was out on a terrace in a mansion. But you could still see from the road to the terrace no problem. So yeah she shoulda known better.

  2. Wait a minute, the photographer used a telescopic lens. That’s not cool! Even if the pic was taken from a public road, still an invasion of privacy. How would you like it if someone had a telescope pointed at your secluded balcony while you were airdrying after a shower? Her tits got invaded and she should sue. Glad they are.

    1. If she didn’t want all of this to happen, then she shouldn’t have stepped outside topless. Doesn’t matter where you are. In a private area or not, you go naked outside, it gives the people the freedom to do what they please. That means taking a peek through a wall or hiding up in a tree. She made a stupid mistake. They can sue and take action all they want to. The pics are going to be online forever. If people don’t want nude pics everywhere, then they shouldn’t have gotten naked in the first place.


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