The Royals win battle of nude photos, of course they would!

I stand corrected on the things I said that all this was the Royals fault that all of this happened. Even Donald Trump, knows what he’s talking about and I totally agree with him! The Royals are already winning this legal battle of the nude photos, and of course, they fucking would! They are rich and powerful people. What they want is what they get! Money and power will do that.

Of course, I’m seeing that people around the world are feeling sorry for this couple and giving them support about it. Really?

You don’t see Prince Harry whining about his nude photos from Vegas, he moved on, took responsibility about his actions, and got deployed to Afghanistan. If Kate wanted to get naked, she should have kept it inside behind closed doors. Plus, she’s the world famous lady, and like the Donald said, who wouldn’t take photos of her and make lots of money off of it?

These things can happen to anybody, not just famous people. If you’re going to enjoy some private times with your loved ones or get naked partying, you gotta expect that others from outside are going to see. It gives others the freedom to be a peeping tom. I can’t blame the photographer for taking those nude photos of Kate. Simply because she’s a hot piece of ass like I said before. You can’t be saying stuff like, “Oh no, they’re such a beautiful couple, this shouldn’t have to happen for them”, when they brought all of this upon themselves, ya know?

If you don’t want this to happen to you, keep clothed. Of course, there are some people that do obsess with getting naked outside or in public and they don’t mind getting photos taken of them ’cause some of them love that kind of attention either men or women. This isn’t for everyone, some like it, some don’t. Depends on the person.

The Royals can ban publications of the photos all they want to, the fact is, the photos are never going away. They are made public forever, once they are out there. People will always find a way to bring them back. They never win.


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  1. Like I said in my earlier post that you deleted, you can’t take naked pictures of people and post them without consent. At least not legally. I know they’ll be on the internet forever and I know the paparazzi will make money even after they pay legal fees. My points are a: it’s not legal, and 2: if this ever happened to you, you’d say you were being harassed. Agree with me or not, you gotta admit that I’m right.

    1. Sure, this is true of what you’re saying but you’re still missing the point. If you don’t want to go through all this legal bullshit of your so called privacy being invaded, then you shouldn’t have gotten naked outside. It’s your fault, period. If I walked outside naked in the woods or something and if someone took photos of it all, I would admit that was a stupid move, and I would have the balls to let it go and move on with my life, just like Prince Harry did. I give props for Harry not caring ’cause that’s being a real man!


    1. And I still stand by it too! She should have made sure that hotel room she was in was more secure, she was dumb for that incident too. No different here!


  2. Really? So, people need to have a security team sweep hotel rooms for cameras people have placed in there by drilling a hole in the wall? Where does it end, Kev?

  3. Kev I agree with you on being very aware of your surroundings when you get naked and stuff especially when your a celebrity. But Kate and Erin Andrews were clearly violated. They both were in areas they could assume no one could see from the public. It took telescopic lenses and peepholes to take those pictures, both a violation of their privacies. Come on dude. If someone cut a peephole in your room, how would you react? I agree, the situations are no different.

    I also think it’s much more worse when this happens to a woman than a man. It’s a man’s world and we can get away with anything. People are more judgmental of women. That’s why Harry’s pictures are not as big a deal.

    1. Kev if we were talking about Anthony Weiner I’d totally agree with you. That jerk had it coming but not these 2 classy ladies.

    2. The thing is, what people don’t understand about today’s technology and the internet, the way it works now with famous people, there are a lot of people who are obsessed with celebrities. The more famous women get, it doesn’t matter if it’s Kate Middleton, Erin Andrews, or any other hot and beautiful female celebrity, they’re going to get a lot of weird people doing whatever it takes to make money off of them. With the likes of mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. They’re a huge thing in technology, and the internet and gossip magazines are big. Men don’t take photos of nude celebrity women not only for their fantasies, they do it to make cash, hoping to sell the videos gossip sites and gossip magazines. It’s their fame, is what brings these weirdos out. That’s what I try to get through people’s heads but nope, everyone is always like, “Oh no, that shouldn’t have happened to her, they were violated, waaah wahh wahh waah…”. It’s the women’s fame and fortune is what brings these guys out to take photos of them. Gotta love what the power of fame does to those celebrity women. They can’t get privacy anywhere they go now, the way the world of fame works today. That’s why female celebrities are getting a lot of stalkers lately. It’s their fame. Of course, it’s their fault. All of it. They shouldn’t have gotten rich and famous in the first place, if they don’t want these things happening to them.


      1. Not sure that argument’s gonna hold up my man. I agree that it’s easier than ever to violate someone’s privacy but that doesn’t make it legal or ok.

        So you’re saying women should never get rich and famous because of paparazzi and sickos? And that anything that happens due to their money and popularity is their fault? So what about any female celebrity that’s been murdered by their stalker? Should those murderers go free?

        I agree that things happen to celebrities that don’t happen to everyday people but that doesn’t make it the celebrities fault. People who break the law are in control of their actions. So I’m afraid it is you sir who has missed the point: The photographer and paparazzi broke the law…an now their gonna get dealt with. Even if they still end up rich over this it sends a message that you have to honor the privacy and good name of other human beings. Kate was outside but it was still private property with no view from the public without a telescopic lens. Illegal.

      2. So you’re saying women should never get rich and famous because of paparazzi and sickos?

        That’s not what I’m saying, dude. When you become rich and famous, you’ll have to learn that you’re not going to get much privacy. No matter where you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hotel or a private home, they’re gonna get all kinds of weirdos trying to take photos of you or worse bring a weapon or something like that. It’s the power of fame that’s what doing it. Paparazzi, and stalkers break the law yes, but it’s the power of fame, that makes them do it. There’s something about fame that draws people to do bad things. Why do you think Marilyn Monroe was killed? The same goes for Anna Nicole Smith or Heath Ledger. The power of fame killed them. Celebrities can’t get the hint that their lives are not going to be perfect like they want it to be. The power of fame. It can ruin their lives. It wasn’t Kate Middleton, it wasn’t Erin Andrews. Fame did that. That’s the point I’m trying to make from day 1.


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