Cool Video: Crazy landlord woman tries to make a resident look like a rapist and accuses him of other things…

What would you have done to prevent drama from your landlords? A video surfaced online that is becoming a hit. A man living in his apartment in an apartment building is being accused by his landlord for pissing out the window. So she and two people barges into his apartment room, starting a fight with him. This is only half of the drama as the beginning of it wasn’t filmed. Then she tries to make him look bad, by faking a rape.

It’s a good thing he took out the video camera in time ’cause it would be good court evidence to prove his innocence that he never touched her. Even though she hit him first and tried to make him look like a rapist, he did the smart thing by not hitting her. Honestly though, I’m sure he wanted to hit her for self defense, but she had those other two guys with her, they would have kicked his ass if he touched her.

If I was in this situation, this drama wouldn’t even last for more than a minute. I would have taken care of it pretty quickly. I would have grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her out the door. Not hard, but good enough to get her out. I wouldn’t be able to deal with something like this. This guy is kind of a pussy himself as he could have handled this drama better. Honestly, this guy could have stopped this drama right away, I think he kept it going ’cause he was entertained by this lady. So he video taped it, so the internet can be entertained too.

Doesn’t matter who started it, the women is obviously insane and needs help. This guy is probably not gonna rent from her anymore, I bet. This video also proves that women can be trouble, and not all of them can be great to men.

Enjoy the laughs here.


EDIT TO ADD: The woman looks like she has great tits and a great body, but her face is ugly as hell though.

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