It’s amazing how people give you feedback on your bodybuilding everywhere you go…

Last night, I attended a pretty important family wedding, and people were pretty much all over me, giving me feedback and commenting how muscular I look. I was all dressed up, with dress pants and a white dress shirt, and people still noticed I’ve been working out. People would comment it a little bit, but later on during the reception, when I had to change out of the white dress shirt into a wifebeater instead because of the heat, that’s when people started going crazy even more. That’s when some people at the wedding reception last night, started to feel my arms and especially my biceps.

I’m NOT trying trying to sound like a self centered, egomaniac. I’m only giving you an example of how fitness & bodybuilding can change your life and how you can be more sociable and outgoing with people. I didn’t change into the wifebeater shirt just to show off. I had to change my shirt ’cause of the heat and I was dancing to EBJ playing the reception last night. Yes, EBJ played at our reception. They played a killer set like usual.

I was dancing all night last night, and still tired from it too. I love dancing to live bands, and have been dancing to live music for years. A lot of people don’t see me as a dancer but I am. I had a few nice women that came up to dance with me, and I didn’t even know them. They didn’t come up to me at the same time, just one at a time. Even though those two different women who danced with me last night have boyfriends probably, it was still cool of them. I don’t know what it is that attracted women to dance with me. Women I don’t even know, asking me to dance with them doesn’t happen too much. If you don’t believe me, I may have photos to prove it, there were photographers all over it, I think. When they get ’em up on facebook, maybe I’ll post a few here.

The blog was kind of slow this weekend ’cause I was busy. Today I’m just taking it easy. Just getting back from the gym to train back and shoulders.

Yep, when you get into bodybuilding, the more muscular you get, the better your life gets. People will respect you more, attract more women, etc. Getting into bodybuilding is not an attention whoring thing at all. It’s about life changing. Period.

It was a blast last night though. Even though I gave up drinking alcohol because of the bodybuilding, I had to have 1 or 2 alcohol drinks last night, to help celebrate. I had a whiskey sour cocktail drink and just a Budweiser, that’s it. I didn’t over do it, and I didn’t get hammered, so don’t worry. 1 or 2 drinks won’t kill your bodybuilding and it don’t hurt to have a few once in a blue moon.


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