More on Clint’s so called bizarre Invisible Obama speech…

Ya know something. I find it pretty ridiculous how most of the internet are pretty critical toward Clint’s empty chair speech last night. You see, the thing with politics is that political speeches were never meant to please everyone. Other politicians over the years, had some of the worst speeches I’ve ever seen. For example, the rest of the speeches last night were horrible, especially, Mitt Romney’s. Mitt Romney messed up a few times and he was reading off a teleprompter. Clint wasn’t reading off of anything. Clint just spoke whatever came to his mind. When it comes to political speeches, politicians can do their speeches however they want to.

I think the only reason Eastwood is being criticized by the media and people at home is because of Eastwood’s age. If it was Chris Rock or Adam Sandler doing the empty chair speech, everyone would have thought it was the funniest thing ever, but when an old man, does it, turns out to be a nightmare for everyone. Pathetic, I must say.

I’ll have to agree that Clint’s empty seat speech was pretty weird but that’s his humor. Like I said before, maybe he never intended that speech to be humorous. He did it ’cause he had a message to send out to Obama. It’s kind of like a political cartoon you see in the newspapers. You have to figure what the message is saying. Clint has been involved in politics for years and most of his movies over the years have been political too. I thought it was funny that he did the neck slicing thing.

It doesn’t hurt to have some humor into politics once in a while people. I treat Eastwood’s speech with respect ’cause he improvised the whole thing without reading anything. Plus, what he did was pretty ballsy for a man who is 82. Plus, Clint got the crowd riled up and cheering for him which you don’t see much in politics. Another reason I think people are picking on him ’cause he’s an actor/film director, not an actual politician.

I thought Clint did a good job, seriously. It doesn’t matter if you liked his speech or hated it, whatever. He just wanted to give a message out that Obama didn’t do anything for “hope” and “change”, which was the whole point of his speech. Yes, he did ramble a bit, but he’s old, he can’t help himself. It was entertaining. I think the Invisible Obama speech will be a hit for a long time. Eastwood just made history.


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