Brock defends Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC…

Yes, I ended up watching the RNC tonight on TV ’cause Clint Eastwood was going to have a speech. As expected, I knew Clint’s speech was going to be interesting. I also knew it was going to be entertaining and had a feeling he was going to rip President Obama, and he just did that. Destroy President Obama throughout his whole speech. On stage, he had an empty chair, and he was pretending that he was talking to Obama when nobody was on the chair. As soon as Eastwood’s speech on TV got over with, people started criticizing Eastwood. Saying the speech was awful and how the comedy stuff wasn’t needed.

Eastwood opened the speech saying there are conservatives in Hollywood, and then he went on to talk about the United States being on unemployment. He went on saying a bunch of other things like Obama closing Gitmo, the Iraq and Afghanistan war, etc. If you missed Eastwood’s speech, here’s the transcript.

I think the whole point of Eastwood pretending to talk to Obama sitting on a chair, was that it’s not just for humor. There’s a purpose behind it. That whole speech was just Eastwood’s way of saying that Obama didn’t make the promises he made when elected president. The promises Obama made were, “Hope and Change”. Since Obama didn’t do anything for “Hope and Change”, that’s the point of the empty chair. Eastwood’s way of telling Obama that he didn’t do anything.

I think it’s pretty easy to figure out, is it?

I thought Eastwood did a good job. It was like improv comedy. Kind of like a “Whose Line Is It Anyway” thing. I’m glad they did the “Go ahead, make my day” catchphrase at the end too. Eastwood was funny. He did a good job getting up there for a guy his age. He’s old, give him that respect.

Eastwood has been involved in politics for many years. So it’s no surprise that he would be a part of it. Clint is an actor and he did a lot of that too on stage.


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