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Report: Was Lindsey Vonn robbed or was it fair? You be the judge…

At the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, in Switzerland, Germany’s Maria Reisch ended up winning first place, because they canceled the final race due to bad weather. Maria was in a 3 point lead, and Lindsey was pretty close behind. Lindsey had another chance to take the lead, but she can’t have that chance since they canceled the last race. They ended up letting Maria take the win. Lindsey is a three time World Cup winner and her chance of winning the fourth have been ruined.

Read the full story, here.

I think Lindsey was definitely robbed. They couldn’t wait to have the final race until the weather settled down? There are other ways to handle this. I don’t think it’s fair. I think she was robbed because she’s an American, and they were tired of American’s winning it. I feel bad for Lindsey. I’ve admired her since the Winter Olympics the last time. She is a talented ski’er.

I used to go downhill skiing all the time when I was younger. It’s a fun thing to do.

Hang in there, Lindsey. I find this total bullshit. It was all done out of ego and politics.


Thought: How did Roman Polanski get himself free in Switzerland? Money and power…

So the not so surprising news announced yesterday that Roman Polanski will not be extradited to the US. How is this possible? Well, I’m 100% positive that Roman payed Switzerland millions or even billions of dollars just so he won’t get extradited and to help get him free. His fame is part of how he has done it, money and power is another reason. It’s insane that this guy thinks he did nothing wrong, he’s delusional for sure.



To those that defend Roman Polanski is a total loser…

I can’t believe how many people online and in the news media are defending this guy! Just goes to show that so many people are living in a delusional fantasy world that are obsessed with celebrities and famous people.

I read a lot of things about how Samantha Geimer forgave Polanski and wanted charges dropped, people are saying this happened a long time ago, move on, and free Polanski. I just shake my head and say, “What the fuck?” to all off this!

What is wrong with people’s heads? Having sex with minors is ILLEGAL in the United States. Polanski knew what he was doing, he pleaded guilty the first time, and admitted to it. Now he thinks he’s above the law because of his fame and power.

I’m sure Polanski’s supporters know that having sex with minors is wrong. The reason his supporters defend him because he is one of the world’s famous film director, an icon in the film industry. They can’t lose the opportunity working with him in film. He’s made a few great movies that I even liked, films like “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Chinatown”. “Frantic” with Harrison Ford was also a great film.

I have a feeling that Polanski will get freed and never return to the US to serve prison time because with money and power, will do it. Polanski may seem like a happy guy, living his everyday life like a real person, but he will always be a selfish ego driven asshole.

People defending this coward is disturbing. They are probably a loser like him. Polanski’s film career should have been boycotted and he should have been banned from making films a long time ago. I will never support his work again.


Report: France and Poland outraged over Polanski arrest, they defend a pedophile…

After Polanski’s arrest in Switzerland on his way to the Zurich Film Festival, France and Poland are outraged by his arrest. They vow to defend the man and to help get the legendary director freed.

Robert Harris, who is Polanski’s screenwriter, claimed his arrest was politically motivated. The Poland Foreign Minister plans to set an appeal to the U.S. to President Obama, hoping to get Polanski freed.

Poland’s film makers association claims they don’t understand why the Zurich festival would want to give him a lifetime achievement award and then have him arrested when he got there.

More on it here:


I guess these guys think it’s okay for people to molest 13 year old girls and get away with it. Then run away from the law.

Personally, I think the Zurich Festival officials had something to do with this. They gave Polanski the award purposely, knowing that he would come to the Fest and get it. The Zurich Festival are the ones that called the Swiss police to do this job. The Zurich Festival and the Swiss police wanted to help us, the United States, to catch Polanski.

I just wanted to say to the Zurich Festival and the Swiss law enforcement, thank you.

Lets hope Obama does the right thing by keeping Polanski captive and not getting him freed. If Obama orders them to “free Polanski”, this would make me despise Obama even more. Lets hope Obama does the smart thing.


BREAKING NEWS: Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland…

You can run, but you can not hide. Yes, that’s right. Legendary film director, Roman Polanski, has finally been arrested. He was arrested in Switzerland, by the Swiss police as the director was on his way to the Zurich film festival to pick up his award that he was being honored for…but Roman got quite a surprise when he arrived there. Police were waiting for him and took him away to the slammer.

In 1977, Roman Polanski molested a 13 year old girl while at Jack Nicholson’s home and the actor was away at the time. Polanski fled to France, and if he ever enters the U.S. he would be arrested.

Swiss police will give the U.S. a possible extradition for the arrest of Roman Polanski. Polanski was not extradited in France, because the crime reportedly was not covered under the U.S. treaties with the country. Polanski will not be transferred and be flown to the U.S. by authorities until all proceedings are completed.

From The Associated Press:


No matter how long ago you committed a crime, it will never be forgotten. You will be caught no matter where you are and Polanski thought he could get away with everything. Finally justice has been served for Samantha Gemeir, the woman he molested years ago. Good job to Swiss law enforcement, they tricked the asshole big time.

I’m sick of everyone thinking it’s okay that Polanski can live his everyday life in another country, still making Hollywood movies. One thing that amazes me is why actors and other film crew would still want to work with this pedophile, and never do anything to get him arrested? Polanski probably pay these actors and film crew to work with him on movies some very good money.

Hopefully Polanski will be put away in prison in the US for a very long time and he can stop making movies for good.