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It’s no surprise to see that Tiger Woods is still cheating…

Did Lindsey Vonn forget that Tiger Woods was exposed as a serial cheater back in 2010? Remember his apology speech in the video below where he apologized and promised to us that he’ll try to stop his sex addiction? It’s no surprise that this guy is still cheating and still sleeping with a lot of women.


Honestly, this was kind of her fault anyways. She should have known that Tiger couldn’t be trusted after what happened back in 2010. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Men claim that they will never cheat again but you know they will. They always do it again. Men never learn.

When I get a woman, I’m not gonna be a cheater or a player type at all. I’ll be 100% faithful to women but if she cheats on me, she’ll be out the door pretty fast, I can tell ya that right now! 🙂


Report: Was Lindsey Vonn robbed or was it fair? You be the judge…

At the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, in Switzerland, Germany’s Maria Reisch ended up winning first place, because they canceled the final race due to bad weather. Maria was in a 3 point lead, and Lindsey was pretty close behind. Lindsey had another chance to take the lead, but she can’t have that chance since they canceled the last race. They ended up letting Maria take the win. Lindsey is a three time World Cup winner and her chance of winning the fourth have been ruined.

Read the full story, here.

I think Lindsey was definitely robbed. They couldn’t wait to have the final race until the weather settled down? There are other ways to handle this. I don’t think it’s fair. I think she was robbed because she’s an American, and they were tired of American’s winning it. I feel bad for Lindsey. I’ve admired her since the Winter Olympics the last time. She is a talented ski’er.

I used to go downhill skiing all the time when I was younger. It’s a fun thing to do.

Hang in there, Lindsey. I find this total bullshit. It was all done out of ego and politics.


Cool Video: Lindsey Vonn’s amazing downhill ski run yesterday…

Here it is. the Olympic official website has the video up. Lindsey Vonn’s amazing downhill ski run which scored her a gold medal. I can’t stop watching this video. Lindsey is the best skiier alive. Holy shit.

Must download and install the Silverlight player in order to see it: