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It’s no surprise to see that Tiger Woods is still cheating…

Did Lindsey Vonn forget that Tiger Woods was exposed as a serial cheater back in 2010? Remember his apology speech in the video below where he apologized and promised to us that he’ll try to stop his sex addiction? It’s no surprise that this guy is still cheating and still sleeping with a lot of women.


Honestly, this was kind of her fault anyways. She should have known that Tiger couldn’t be trusted after what happened back in 2010. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Men claim that they will never cheat again but you know they will. They always do it again. Men never learn.

When I get a woman, I’m not gonna be a cheater or a player type at all. I’ll be 100% faithful to women but if she cheats on me, she’ll be out the door pretty fast, I can tell ya that right now! 🙂


Report: Tiger Woods admits drama with now ex-wife is what’s making him suck at golf…

I find myself watching professional golf on Sunday afternoons a lot lately. Why? I don’t know. I think the sport is finally getting to me, that I actually enjoy watching it. As you get older it inspires you to grow out of childish things and get into more adult things, like watching more sports. I don’t watch stupid reality shows or primetime drama crap on TV much. All I mostly watch on TV are movies, some sports, professional wrestling, UFC, and the only primetime TV show I would watch whenever it’s on is “Friday Night Lights”, that’s about it. I’m not a big TV person like some people are.

I have been noticing that Tiger Woods have been doing crap on golf and I always figure it was all that drama.

I’m actually glad that Tiger has been sucking lately at golf. It’s about time, man. Give other great golfers a chance to get the spotlight. Now that Tiger is officially a single man, he can bang all the women he wants now.


Thought: Tiger Woods vs. Joslyn James…

So porn star Joslyn James is out there trying to make Tiger Woods look bad. Even if Tiger’s text messages to the porn star are real, the thing that people don’t understand about all of this that there is this thing called, “agressive sex” that a lot of sex partners do out there. It’s like a dark sexual fantasy thing where the female is willing to be verbally abused and to be talked dirty by the man. If you see the man writing nasty messages to her like, “I’m gonna fuck you up bitch, whore, will get in a three some with you”, etc. blah blah blah and all that. That means she wants him to talk like that. Some people like dark sex like bondage or BDSM. Something like that. So don’t take Tiger’s offensive words to her seriously, it’s like a dark sexual fantasy thing like I explained. They may seem upset, but really they are just playing and fooling.

There are a lot of couples out there that talk like that. Sexual couples that don’t mind the nasty and dirty talk, they actually enjoy it. So don’t call Tiger a bad man for this ’cause this is what guys do in these type of things.


Thought: Tiger Woods car crash drama…

Who says Tiger Woods can’t be a drama queen? Even sports top players can get into gossip and soap opera. Everyone sees Tiger being a nice and down to earth guy, but now everyone is starting to see his true colors.

Tiger is not a friendly guy that everyone wants him to be?

Since after his bizarre accident, he’s been acting strange. Him and his wife, not getting along? A divorce on the way for Tiger? I kind of blame that on the accident. I don’t blame it on alcohol or drugs, ’cause Tiger seems like a perfectly healthy guy.

I just think Tiger crashed his car ’cause his anger with his wife distracted his driving. It’s obvious isn’t it?

How much do you want to bet that there will be a huge divorce with Tiger and his wife later this week?