Report: France and Poland outraged over Polanski arrest, they defend a pedophile…

After Polanski’s arrest in Switzerland on his way to the Zurich Film Festival, France and Poland are outraged by his arrest. They vow to defend the man and to help get the legendary director freed.

Robert Harris, who is Polanski’s screenwriter, claimed his arrest was politically motivated. The Poland Foreign Minister plans to set an appeal to the U.S. to President Obama, hoping to get Polanski freed.

Poland’s film makers association claims they don’t understand why the Zurich festival would want to give him a lifetime achievement award and then have him arrested when he got there.

More on it here:

I guess these guys think it’s okay for people to molest 13 year old girls and get away with it. Then run away from the law.

Personally, I think the Zurich Festival officials had something to do with this. They gave Polanski the award purposely, knowing that he would come to the Fest and get it. The Zurich Festival are the ones that called the Swiss police to do this job. The Zurich Festival and the Swiss police wanted to help us, the United States, to catch Polanski.

I just wanted to say to the Zurich Festival and the Swiss law enforcement, thank you.

Lets hope Obama does the right thing by keeping Polanski captive and not getting him freed. If Obama orders them to “free Polanski”, this would make me despise Obama even more. Lets hope Obama does the smart thing.


4 thoughts on “Report: France and Poland outraged over Polanski arrest, they defend a pedophile…”

    1. Honestly, since this was at Jack Nicholson’s home, and he wasn’t home at the time while this was going on, I am feeling old Jack is going to get into trouble for this himself. He’s probably going to have to testify if Polanski has the trial in the U.S.


  1. Polanski’s victim, Samantha Geimer, is now 45 years old and among those calling for mercy. She settled a lawsuit with Polanski and publicly forgave him over ten years ago.

    I understand why the United States could not ignore and forget a high profile fugitive from justice like Roman Polanski. I understand why, barring any legal argument, he must be returned to the United States to stand before the court.
    But I also understand that the Roman Polanski of 1977 was still in the midst of trauma and horror, and that for the last thirty years he became a different man who remarried, fathered children and never re-offended.

    Bring Roman Polanski back to the United States. Let him stand before the court and plead guilty to a crime he committed 32 years ago. Then open the door and let him walk free for the first time since that night on August 9, 1969 when in many ways, Roman Polanski’s life ended with that of his wife and his unborn son.

    We have detailed a few more of our thoughts in a new post:

    1. It doesn’t matter if Samantha forgave him and if she tried to defend him to get his case dropped from the movie, “Wanted or Desired”. Roman committed a crime, it’s sad that him and his buddies in France/Poland thinks he is above the law. Having sex with a girl that is thirteen years of age and drugging her is a serious crime. Polanski thinks he is powerful with his fame. Polanski will lose, big time, he will spend a long time in prison. The United States will not back down, they will do whatever it takes to bring this to justice.


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