Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Shane Mosley this weekend…on HBO PPV…

So Floyd Mayweather Jr., the undefeated boxing icon, has another PPV fight this Saturday night. I am not watching. Why? Simply because everybody knows Floyd Mayweather is going to win. I hate Floyd Mayweather Jr., like a lot of people. He’s an egomaniac. He’s an asshole as well, much like Tito Ortiz. Floyd Mayweather Jr., thinks he’s the best fighter in the boxing industry. I disagree, I personally think Floyd Jr., is possibly one of the worst and lousiest boxers I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen him box on TV a few times, and he’s clearly a cheater. Floyd Jr. is washed up. He WILL NEVER BE in “Iron” Mike Tyson’s league if that’s who he is trying to be.

I know Tyson is old and he is retired obviously, but if Floyd Mayweather Jr. was around boxing around Tyson’s time back then, Mike Tyson would put his undefeated streak to an end.

I don’t think Shane Mosley would beat Floyd Jr. this weekend. If Shane actually wins either split decision, TKO or KO, that would be surprising…but you know Floyd is going to get it. Altough I won’t be getting HBO Boxing ppv this weekend, I’ll probably read the reports online to see who won. I enjoy professional boxing too, I just don’t watch it as much. I’m more into wrestling and UFC.

Floyd Jr. is not a good fighter that he thinks he is. He cheats his way through it. He won by mostly split decisions and TKO’s in his career record, he only won a few knockouts, that’s it. If he won by mostly KO’s in his record, that would be impressive…but…if his record is mostly split decisions and KO’s, not very good. Floyd Jr.’s undefeated streak will come to an end someday. There will be a boxer out there somewhere that will knock him out in one round. Whenever Floyd Jr. loses a fight, that will make sports history, indeed. Lets pray it happens. I wish Shane luck but I don’t think he’s gonna beat Floyd Jr. and I think everyone else would agree.

3 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Shane Mosley this weekend…on HBO PPV…”

  1. I couldn’t agree more!!!

    I would LIKE to root for Shane Mosely. (doesn’t he look like Screwface from Segal’s ‘Marked For Death’ btw??)
    …but I can’t because his trainer & corner guys are all Jesus hating, Jew hating, women hating, gays hating & white people hating jihadist muslim scumbags. Maybe Shane is too for all I know. They definitely all voted for Obama so screw them muslims.
    If he loses I hope he doesnt plant bombs in F.M.Jr’s house.

    I DEFINITELY can’t root for Mayweather. His whole family are UPPITY, loudmouth ex-cons.
    Every time I see him or his family or kids I think “GUILTY!!!”
    ‘Cause ya know they had to have done SOMETHING. And if thay haven’t, they will soon enough.

    No one compares to Mike f’n Tyson! I hated him for a while when he got suckered into being a camel-f***ing muslim in prison but he “WISED UP!” to quote Bill O’Reilly.

    I wish the great Gerry “TGWH” Cooney would make a comeback.

  2. Just to reduce confusion….

    1) Yes, I would think that heavyweight (200+ pounds) Mike Tyson would probably knock out welterweight (147 pound) Floyd Mayweather. Given that Tyson would likely weigh 90+ pounds more than Floyd…it’d be an issue. There is a reason why state athletic commissions do not allow those type of fights.

    2) Floyd has won by “split decision” once in his career (against Oscar De La Hoya. Every other win in his career was by unanimous decision. A split decision is when one judge scores the fight for one fighter and the two judges score it for the other fighter.

    Anyway, just wanted to clarify for anyone who may be confused.

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