Will Manny Pac accept Floyd’s challenge???

Floyd Mayweather Jr. jail sentence is not ’til June, but he is scheduled for an HBO ppv fight on May 5th, yet, he has no opponent. Today on twitter, Floyd is calling out Manny Pac. This is a fight that everyone wants to see, I want to see it myself, and I will watch it on PPV if the fight happens.

See Floyd’s tweet, here.

Pacman still haven’t responded yet, but hopefully we’ll hear from him soon. Just one thing to keep in mind though guys, that just because Floyd and Pacman are iconic fighters, doesn’t mean it will be a good fight. It could be a boring as hell fight and it could suck. Maybe Floyd will even win again.

Floyd is off to jail for domestic violence, beating up his girlfriend. Floyd needs to be taught a good lesson and maybe Manny will teach him a good one, to never hit a woman ever again. I’d love to see Manny put Floyd’s undefeated streak to an end, but it’s tough to tell if he can do it.

I’m tired of Floyd’s undefeated streak like everyone else. I don’t watch boxing anymore, but the only fight I watched was Floyd’s fight against, Shane Mosley. I hope Floyd vs. Manny Pac happens too. If Manny refuses to fight Floyd, not sure why he would. I’m sure Floyd would call him a coward and all that if he refuses, though.

This fight will definitely help HBO PPV get a lot of buy rates for sure. Boxing needs to get popular again. I think Boxing lost it’s popularity ’cause UFC overshadowed the sport, big time.


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