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Report: Coldplay vs. Joe Satriani lawsuit dismissed???

It seems that the Coldplay vs. Joe Satriani feud is over…but not officially. It’s just rumour right now. Reports are saying that Joe Satriani’s plagiarism lawsuit against Coldplay has been dismissed. An out of court agreement was made to settle things with both parties. Which probably means that Joe Satriani and Chris Martin has been discussing things privately behind the scenes.

More on it here:


If this news is true, that’s good news for the both of them. Hopefully Joe and Chris Martin are both on good terms ’cause life is too short to hold negative grudges.


Edit to add: Billboard confirmed the news is true…


Coldplay is not required to admit any wrongdoings, so that means they don’t have to admit that they borrowed ideas from Joe’s song.

I always knew Coldplay was innocent from day 1, ever since this started.

Report: Cat Stevens follows Joe Satriani’s footsteps, Stevens claims Coldplay stole one of his songs…

Joe Satriani isn’t the only one that feels Coldplay steals songs from other artists, Cat Stevens is another one. Cat Stevens threatens Coldplay the band with a plagiarism lawsuit. Stevens haven’t sued the band yet, but he is planning on it. Stevens said that Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” sounds exactly like Stevens song, “Foreigner Suite”. Stevens is not going to force legal action yet, depending on how well Joe Satriani is fighting it. Meaning if Satriani wins the battle, Stevens won’t bother suing. If Satriani loses, Stevens will take action.

More on it here:


*sigh* I’m sure Cat Stevens and Joe Satriani are not the only bands and artists with the same melodies to “Viva La Vida”. I’m sure there are tons of other songs that sound the same with the same chord progression.

Listen to Cat Stevens “Foreigner Suite” and you be judge if they sound the same. It starts off around the 4:00 mark in the video. I notice the similarities but so what, this isn’t lawsuit worthy and neither Joe or the Cat has no case. It’s music!!! It’s hard to make original music these days since everything has been done. What if Joe Satriani took his idea from Cat Stevens? Why can’t Cat threaten the Satch with a lawsuit and accuse him instead? Oh that’s right, they are not as popular as Coldplay are. Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy…


Report: Coldplay defends “Viva La Vida” in court, says Joe Satch’s song shouldn’t receive copyright protection…

Coldplay is fighting Joe Satriani in Federal Court today. Chris Martin and the guys in Coldplay are attending Federal Court, it seems that Joe Satriani himself isn’t there. Satch’s lawyer, Howard E. King, is doing the battling for him.

Coldplay denies “similarities” between the songs, “Viva La Vida” and, “If I Could Fly”, and says that the two songs weren’t enough to warrant damages. Which I agree with. Coldplay also says that Satriani’s song lacks, “originality” and shouldn’t receive copyright protection. Is Coldplay accusing Joe of ripping off the band?

I actually agree with the band, Coldplay, that the two songs sound nothing like each other. Those that think they do sound similar, aren’t very smart and intelligent about music. I think everybody sticks by Joe Satriani’s side, because he isn’t a mainstream musician like Coldplay is.

Joe Satriani has no case, and has no way to prove that Coldplay ripped him off. And why isn’t Joe Satriani himself isn’t attending court in person? If he’s that desperate to win this battle, do you think he’d be there too? Unfortunately, he isn’t. The reason he isn’t there because Joe knows he’s going to lose this battle. Joe attacked Coldplay for publicity, hoping that will help make the Satch a mainstream artist.

I’m not defending Coldplay, not to be a fan, although I am a fan of Coldplay’s music, that’s not the reason I’m defending them. The reason I’m defending Coldplay is that it’s about being real and honest. If I was in the jury of that federal court battle, I would have done anything it took to prove Coldplay innocent to the other jury members.

Coldplay is going to win this battle, all the way. Sorry, Satch, but your ego isn’t going anywhere.

Billboard reports:



BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift is no. 1 on the Billboard again, teen country/star puts Springsteen and the Fray to shame!

What a shocking twist in the Billboard 200 this week. Yep, Taylor is back to no. 1. Bruce’s “Working On a Dream” made no. 1 for two weeks, The Fray made no. 1 for one week, now Taylor Swift is back at the top. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’s “Raising Sand” moves way up quickly due to their big Grammy win, Coldplay moves up pretty high too.

Billboard reports:


I’m gonna have to pick up Taylor Swift’s album, just to see what’s so special about it. I actually came close to buying it at Best Buy a few times but refuse everytime.

Does anyone out there enjoy Taylor Swift’s music? I would think Taylor’s fanbase is nothing but mostly young kids. I don’t think 30’s and 40 something people would listen to this. If there really are people that listen to Taylor Swift who are in between the ages of 30-5o, I’d be pretty surprised.


Report: Satriani lawyers to pay Coldplay a visit at the Grammy’s, I am losing more respect to Joe Satriani everytime, COME ON GUYS, keep this war in the court room!!!

Joe Satriani is taking the high road of his music career and proving the douchebag he really is. I used to respect the Satch as a virtuoso guitar hero, but he’s nothing more of a big ego like the rest of ’em.

Satriani’s lawyer, Howard King, plans on going to the Grammy’s this Sunday to follow wherever Chris Martin and the guys in Coldplay goes at the award show. They hope Coldplay gets the win for “Viva La Vida” which is nominated for a “Record of the Year” award.

More on it here:


Come on guys. Keep this battle in the court room, that’s where it should be. Satriani is really now turning out to be a whiny little prick.

I explained before in a post that Coldplay and Joe Satriani’s songs sound nothing like each other. And it’s not a copyright infrigement if the chord progressions and keys are different. Melodies maybe a little similar true, but in music, there are many songs that sound like each other at some point.

I still feel that Chris Martin will kick Joe’s ass in this battle and Coldplay will prove their innocence. So far, Joe did NOT prove how Coldplay ripped him off in the song. Joe needs to show the court room proof. I don’t think he has any.

Coldplay should do the smart thing and not show up at the Grammy’s at all if Satch is going to have his shady lawyer confront them in person the whole night.

Come on Satch, this is very low of you, man. I used to respect Satch, as a guitarist that I’ve looked after for a long time and losing my patience with him.


Coldplay Vs. Joe Satriani: The two songs don’t sound the same at all to me, what the hell kind of fantasy world you all living in?

All week, I’ve been listening to the two songs…Joe Satriani “If I Could Fly” guitar instrumental and Coldplay’s hit “Viva La Vida” to compare the songs, to see if they sound exactly the same that so many people claim out there.

They don’t sound the same at all. To me, they are completely different songs. The chord progressions are totally different, and both songs are not in the same key. If you know music, Coldplay’ s “Viva La Vida”, I believe is in the key of C#Db. And Satch’s “If I Could Fly” is definitely in the key of F#, so the tone in Satch’s song is a much higher key than Coldplay’s song.

If you hum or sing along to the melody of Joe’s song and Coldplay’s song both, you would see right away that Joe’s guitar leads are much different than Chris Martin’s vocal lines. Sure, there are similarities some but Chris Martin did NOT copy every little thing in Joe’s song. The chorus of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” is kind of similar to Joe’s guitar lead but if you listen carefully and hum along to it, note by note, you would notice that both songs are going in different places.

I still feel that Chris and the guys in Coldplay are innocent, and I feel the jury will ask the judge for a dismissal. If Joe’s planning on having a jury in court, then lets hope the court will have profesional musicians in the jury and they’ll immediately know if they are the same or different.

Read between the lines, Joe Satriani attacked Coldplay for publicity. The only reason so many people are agreeing that Coldplay ripped off Joe is because Coldplay is a big easy target in the music industry. So they all stand by Joe’s side.

I love Joe as a musician and guitarist too, he’s a hero of mine and Satch is an inspiration, but that still don’t mean I have to stand by his side. I don’t agree with Satch’s lawsuit on this. It’s pretty stupid and lame, will get Joe nowhere. For many years in Joe Satriani’s career since back in the 80’s, he’s been a great guy until now.

He’s never been the sue happy musician, he’s always been nice and down to earth, I don’t think he’s had an ego problem until today. Joe’s the one who brought Kirk Hammett into the music industry ’cause Joe taught Kirk how to play guitar. Joe Satriani taught many other famous musicians to play guitar too. Joe’s going to lose this thing. End of story.


Report: Coldplay responds to Joe Satriani publicily very briefly…

Since Joe Satriani spoke publicily about his lawsuit against the band Coldplay, the band Coldplay themselves wrote a statement on their official website, responding to the Satch very briefly.

The band Coldplay denies ripping off “Viva La Vida” from Satch’s song “If I Could Fly”, and claims it was coincidental. The band asks the Satch to accept it for what it is and to move on. The band respects the Satch as the legend he is and they have nothing personal against the man either.

From Coldplay’s official website:


I actually agree with Coldplay that it’s coincidental. I mean, when you’re writing a song, you never know if your song will sound exactly like another song out there. It’s because the world of music is so strong and powerful, that it’s so hard to write a song that is not similar to other music. Writing songs that sounds similar to other songs happens all the time. It’s pretty normal.

I don’t see the Satch dropping the lawsuit against Coldplay. Satch will want to fight this thing. Can I say that Satch is a bit jealous of Coldplay? Did the Satch sue Coldplay out of jealousy?

Coldplay is a band that sold millions of records every album they did while Joe Satriani was only huge for one album which “Surfing With the Alien” is Satch’s most popular album, it was the album that made Satriani big and famous anyway. Satriani’s other albums weren’t big sellers.

Come on Satch. Have a heart around Christmas and catch Chris Martin a break. Chris and Gwyneth have a family for Christmas and Satch shouldn’t ruin their Christmas by taking everything away from them. Do what’s right Joe, bury the hatchet with Coldplay!! Joe is better than this!


Report: Joe Satriani speaks out on the Coldplay plagiarism lawsuit publicily…

The legendary guitar virtuoso shredder, Joe Satriani, speaks out for the first time publicily, defending his lawsuit against the band Coldplay for ripping off his song “If I Could Fly”.

The Satch claims he has no negative grudges against the members of Coldplay, he’s just trying to protect his own music. He also claims, he’s warned the band before and wanted to talk with them privately, but Coldplay ignored Satriani. The Satch explains that he got his e-mail flooded with fans complaining that Coldplay ripped off Satch. Satch claims he was very upset when he heard the Coldplay hit, “Viva La Vida”. This what gave the Satch no choice but to force legal action against the band.

More on it here:


Come on Satch, stop being such a whiner. How is Satch going to prove that Coldplay ripped him off? Satriani will need solid evidence. If Satch can prove to the jury how Coldplay ripped him off, Satch would win. If Satch doesn’t have any proof, Coldplay wins the dismissal. You can’t just bring the two songs to court and have the jury listen, you’ll need more evidence than that. I don’t think Satch has anything to prove.


Whose Side Are You On: Joe Satriani vs. Coldplay

Joe Satriani who is a legendary instrumental guitar virtuoso has filed a copyright infrigement lawsuit against the band Coldplay. The Satch is accusing Coldplay of Plagiarism a song that Satriani wrote called, “If I Could Fly”. The Satch thinks Coldplay’s popular hit “Viva La Vida” sounds very similar to Satch’s song, “If I Could Fly”.

Satch is pretty pissed about this because he is seeking a jury trial, cash for damages and any damages attributable to the alleged copyright infrigement.

Billboard reports:


I like Joe Satch and I like Coldplay too, but sorry Mr. Satriani, I’m on Chris Martin’s side here. The Satch in stepping in Prince’s and Axl Rose’s shoes, “waaah waaah, this and waaah waaah that”, me oh my, and everything about me.

I heard the two songs in youtube, yes, there are similarities. But does this violate the copyright infrigement? Hell no.

In Oasis’s “Wonderwall”, there’s only 4 chords throught the entire song, and so many bands and artists pretty much use those same chords. It’s hard to make original music that doesn’t sound like anyone else because all the styles and everything else has already been done. I’m sure there are so many songs that sounds exactly like Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Green Jelly kind of ripped off Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” with their tune “Electric Harley House of Love”.

This lawsuit is LAME, Satch. Lame, lame, lame. It will get Satch no where. Chris Martin is safe. I know Satch doesn’t get much recognition in the media and I know the economic times are tough but suing another band is very low of him. Shame on you, Joe. Where’s your Holiday spirit, man?


Report: Coldplay to call it quits in 2009?

Chris Martin of Coldplay revealed that he may break up his band Coldplay and call it quits in the music business. He’s only 31, and he claims he’s getting too old for music.

More on it here:


Come on, Chris! You’re never too old to rock! Look at Neil Young and Springsteen!

I really don’t think age has anything to do with this, I think he just wants to spend more time with his family. He must love being married to famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow.