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Interesting interview with Joe Satriani with AOL… with host Brad Tolinski of Guitar World…

Joe Satriani, the legendary guitar virtuoso just did a Q&A session with AOL with host Brad Tolinski who is the editor in chief for Guitar World magazine.

There are some pretty interesting discussions. He talks guitars of course, the new album “Shockwave Supernova”, they talked some about Joe’s past albums, he talks a lot about Steve Vai… as some of you know Joe Satriani taught Steve Vai to play guitar. Now we finally know the answer on why Joe Satch and Steve Vai never made a studio record and Joe explains it in this interview. Joe’s answer to that question is that if they went into the studio together, they would fight over ideas and things like that. They get along well but they’re worried that they won’t get along well in the studio, ha! That’s why they never made a record together but who knows? Never say never. Maybe they will get around to making a record together someday.

Joe also gave some guitar playing advice, of course. I love how Joe recommend guitar players that they shouldn’t worry about finger exercises. You know how you do chromatic exercises and speed exercises for scales? Joe doesn’t recommend finger exercises at all if you wanna play fast. A lot of guitar players would waste a lot of time practising exercises on a metronome to see how fast they can play. All that stuff may be nice but it’s a waste of time. Joe says that making music is more important. You want your lead playing to sound musical. Try to work on your musical phrasing on a metronome instead of finger exercises. He never agreed with finger exercises, he’s always more worried about sounding more musical in your lead playing. Sounds like good advice to me. Maybe I should forget about finger exercises too and just concentrate on being musical.

Joe is one musician who gives the best interviews. He’s such a nice guy and there’s no ego in this man at all. So down to earth and he’s real honest too! While Joe is an honest guy, he tries his best not to sound mean or harsh. He’s not like Noel Gallagher or Kerry King of Slayer who are always such jerks in interviews. Joe is the man!

Listen to this interview. It’s well worth it. “Shockwave Supernova” is a great album, btw. I listened to it on Apple Music once and it’s an awesome album. It’s different than his earlier stuff as expected ’cause Joe’s always doing something different every album.


Joe Satriani… finally finished listening to the rest of his discography…

How did I get into Joe Satriani’s music? Well, let me tell ya a little story. Back when I first started playing guitar 20 years ago, there was a guy who used to own this little bookstore in my hometown of Greenwich. Well, the bookstore owner happened to be an expert guitar player and I hired him to start teaching me how to play guitar to help get me started ’cause I didn’t know where to get lessons. This guy wasn’t much of a teacher either and he was willing to teach me beginner stuff. Well, the guy’s bookstore had a small CD section where he was selling CD’s. I was browsing the CD section of his little store and one day he came up to me grabbed a CD and handed it to me. It had a cool cover on it with a photo of the Silver Surfer on the cover and the album was Joe Satriani’s “Surfing with The Alien”. My guitar teacher says, “You should check this out. Every guitar player should listen to this kind of music when you start”. So I said sure and bought the album as he reccomended. Well, that album “Surfing With the Album” is when it all started for me. That album is such a masterpiece, I’ve been a fan of Joe Satriani ever since.

Over the years, I would try to catch up with Joe’s music but I only bought like 4 or 5 of his albums on CD. Then when Itunes and Apple Music came around, I started to listen to the rest of his albums. Just finished listening to the rest of his discography today. This morning I listened to three Satch albums: “Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards”, “Super Colossal” and “Time Machine”.

All of Joe’s albums are really really good; however, three of his best albums in his career are “Surfing with the Alien”, “The Extremist” and “Strange Beautiful Music”. Nothing will ever top “Surfing” although “The Extremist” came pretty close.

Joe has a new album coming out next Friday called, “Shockwave Supernova” and looking forward to checking that out as well. I’ve been a long time Joe Satriani fan and still am today. I like how he makes his albums sound different. He’s always going different directions. He’s not just shred music, he makes his music sounds like actual songs… his lead guitar playing is the one doing the singing. His lead guitar is the lead singer. That’s why I love listening to him. Joe Satch is a genius and a hero of mine. Got the opportunity to see him live in concert once when he opened for Deep Purple. Plus, Joe seems like a super nice guy and there’s no ego in him at all.


Book Review: “Strange Beautiful Music” by Joe Satriani

Today, I just finished reading “Strange Beautiful Music”. A rock memoir written by Joe Satriani.

I’ve been a fan of this guy’s music for years. He’s one of my biggest guitar heroes and inspirations. In fact, he was one of the top 5 guitarists that made me want to pick up the guitar and it was the album, “Surfin’ With the Alien” that did it to me. That album is such a masterpiece, it means a lot to me. I’ll never get tired of listening to that record.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to read this book for a long while now and finally gotten around to it. Read it via the Ipad.

In this book, if you’re going to want to read about Joe’s personal life and read what his life is like outside of music… you’re gonna be very disappointed. This book is not about his personal life at all as you’re not gonna read any of that. In most rock memoirs over the years, they write everything about them. Not just music, most rocks stars would write everything about their life including their marriages, their troubles with drugs, sex and alcohol. You’re not gonna read any of that in Joe’s book. Joe does talk about his wife, Rubina and his son a lot but you’re not gonna see any photos of them or any of that stuff.

Joe’s goal with this book was that he mainly wanted to focus on the music alone. In this book, he would talk about how he recorded all of his studio albums. He wanted to show you what a musician’s life is like in a recording studio. He would take you behind the scenes of the recording of each album he did in his career. He would talk about all the gear he has used and how all of his songs were recorded. He would talk about everything in detail in the recording process. Very few rock memoirs would go behind the scenes of their albums but Joe just wanted to show all of his fans and supporters his secrets in recording. In his book, you’re not gonna read much stories of him on the road when he tours either.

I thought it was an interesting book and it’s a real eye opener of how a rock musician would record in a studio. Some of you would read that book and complain why Joe didn’t write about his actual life so we can get to know him? Well, think about it y’all. Joe is a professional musician and guitar player so there isn’t much of a personal life to talk about ’cause most of his entire life was all about “music”. Music was all he ever did. He spent most of his life in recording studios and on the road when touring so what else is there to talk about him? That’s all these guys do is play music, ya know? That’s who they are.

Yeah, I’m sure Joe has his personal problems in his private life like everyone else but maybe he prefers to keep that stuff to himself? Maybe he wants to keep his personal life private which is a smart thing to do. The only thing that he makes public is his music and that’s it. He didn’t want this to be a “tell-all” book like some were hoping. He did reveal why he went bald… all he said was that he shaved his head bald ’cause he thought it looked cool, that was pretty much it.

It’s a great book for any Satch fan or newbie. After reading this book, really makes me want to buy the rest of his studio albums and I only own five of them. Plus, he’s got a new album coming out this summer too which I’m excited to get. I’m a really big Satch fan ’cause I love how he makes his songs sound like actual songs when making instrumentals. He makes actual music and not just shredding even though he’s known for that too. I even saw Satch live in concert once a long time ago and I’ll never forget that show.

Check this book out!


Joe Satriani hits the studio for new album…

Joe Satch just posted this announcement that he began work on his next album which will be his follow-up from his 2013 record, “Unstoppable Momentum” (which kicks total ass, btw).

While I do like shred guitar virtuosos such as Joe Satch, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Yngwie and all those guys… I give the utmost respect to Joe Satriani and Al Di Meola. Joe Satriani and Al Di Meola are both of my heroes and both of those guys are coming out with new records this year so bring ’em on!

How big of a fan I am of Joe Satriani? HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just fucking love the guy’s music and I’m trying to collect all of his stuff as much as possible. I’m trying to collect his discography. Of course, I first got into this guy’s music by hearing his iconic album, “Surfing With the Alien”, that was the album that got me into his music. I even got the rare opportunity to see Joe Satriani live years ago and it was an amazing night, I’ll never forget it. So far, I have 7 of his albums and counting.

Next time I download music from Itunes, I’ll get another Satriani album. I just love his music, man. He’s a genius musician and guitar player. I also love the work Satriani did with Chickenfoot ’cause I have the two of their albums as well.

Listen to a track of his below from his latest album for your listening enjoyment.

So Joe Satriani, Al DiMeola and Slayer all have new records coming out this year. I’m looking forward to all of them!


Check out these 4 famous guitarists discussing guitar playing in this cool video!!!

This video is pretty sweet. 4 famous guitarists discuss guitar playing for the upcoming G4 experience… more here: http://www.g4experience.com/.

This is a roundtable discussion with Joe Satriani, Tosin Abasi, Guthrie Govan and Andy Aledort. There are some pretty deep discussions on guitar playing here. You can tell by the looks of their faces as you watch this video that they are very passionate about guitar playing and they take it very seriously.

Are famous guitar players intimidating people? As you can see in this video, they aren’t at all! They’re just normal guys who just love playing guitar!!!

A true guitar lover is somebody who takes it passionately and would have no problem talking about music and guitar playing all the time. All 4 of these guys are great guitarists.

I don’t have any albums by the Aristocrats but I heard some of their stuff in youtube and Guthrie Govan is amazing. I wanna start getting some music by the Aristocrats hopefully soon.


Congrats to Joe Satriani on 30 years in the music business!!!

Joe Satriani is one of my favorite guitarists. He is an inspiration and hero to me. He’s one of the reasons I play. He’s definitely high up in my top 10!!! Seriously, I love this guy’s music. He’s a genius. “Surfing With the Alien” is one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s one record I’ll never get tired of listening to. I like Joe’s other albums but nothing will top, “Surfing With The Alien” which is the most important album of his career. I have several of Joe’s albums in my collection and trying to collect his entire discography the best I can.

Sure, there are other instrumental shredders out there like Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen (SP?), Eric Johnson, and others but I’m more of a Joe Satriani fan than all the others. I recently got into Al Di Meola, he counts as a virtuoso shredder!

I’ve even got the opportunity to see Joe Satch live on stage years ago when he opened for Deep Purple in Saratoga Springs. That’s a show I’ll never forget. Can’t remember what year that show was but it was a long time ago. Maybe sometime in early 2000. I would love to see Satch live again if he’ll ever play here again ’cause he doesn’t play the Capital District area hardly at all. Once in a blue moon, he’ll play a show here.

Someday, I’m gonna play guitar just as good as him. How come Satch isn’t the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet? He’s so worthy for sure!

I’m always reading Joe’s interviews through various guitar magazines and he always have interesting things to say. If you want proof of that read this interview here at Rollingstone.



Cool Video: Chickenfoot finally releases their long awaited new single, “Big Foot”…

Chickenfoot, the supergroup band that includes the lineup: Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith have finally released their new single “Big Foot”. I love the song a lot. It’s definitely heavier than their first album.

As for the video itself, while it’s pretty humorous, the thing that I find strange is that I thought I was seeing two Joe Satriani’s in the same band. I thought to myself, is Joe Satch playing guitar and drums in this video? I know the drummer is actually Chad Smith with a bald head but two Joe’s in the same band is a funny thought though.

Enjoy. Can’t wait to get the new album. I’m a fan of Chickenfoot, they are one of the good supergroups. I also love Them Crooked Vultures as well.


Edit to add: The drummer is not Chad Smith with a bald head. He’s actually Kenny Aronoff who is also bald. I remembered Kenny, he was the longtime drummer for John Fogerty’s solo career.