Thought: Chickenfoot is one of the worst rock bands today…

The lineup isn’t bad… they need to get rid of Sammy Hagar as their lead singer. Sammy is not a good vocalist. He was back in his early 80’s days, but hearing the new stuff he’s doing with Chickenfoot, (which also includes guitar shredder Joe Satriani, Chad Smith of the Chilli Peppers, and Michael Anthony of Van Halen) has not been that great.

Their band name is possibly another one of the stupidest band names I ever heard. Talented musicians, don’t get me wrong, but a lineup like this is way more crazier than James Iha’s other band, Tinted Windows.

How come the lineup of the band, Tinted Windows, is easy targeted and gets made fun of by everyone, yet, Chickenfoot gets a free pass? Chickenfoot is a band full of ego maniac nostalgia has beens while Tinted Windows has a lineup that no one has ever heard of.

Chickenfoot, is horrible and I hope this band fails. Tinted Windows is a much better band than Chickenfoot, in my opinion. Tinted Windows can rock, Chickenfoot can’t.

I think Tinted Windows is one of the best supergroups to ever come around. I will not get the Chickenfoot CD. I’ve been listening to Chickenfoot songs in youtube, and they haven’t been grabbing me, ’cause they don’t have the energy I’m looking for.

I like Joe Satriani but him doing a band with vocals isn’t for him, man.

I wonder how Chickenfoot’s concert at the Palace Theatre in Albany will sell. I’m thinking the Palace will only be half full or maybe less.


3 thoughts on “Thought: Chickenfoot is one of the worst rock bands today…”

  1. I bought the album when it came out last week and I couldn’t listen after a few tracks. I just couldn’t take the vocals of Hagar and Satriani just seemed out of place in it all. I’m a big time Satriani fan and I thought getting in a rock band maybe just what he needed but it isn’t this one I’m afraid. I couldn’t agree with your post more except that I don’t think Satch or Chad Smith are ego maniacs. Hagar and Anthony are though.

    1. Joe Satriani is not an egomaniac? You kidding me? Of course he is. This guy is nuts. He’s been up in his own world for a long time. Suing Coldplay for “Viva La Vida” is just proof of it.

      Glad you agree with everything else I said about this band though.


  2. Yeah, I know Satch suing Coldplay was crazy, but I just took it as a crazy marketing ploy to get his name more well known and sell some more music. I forced myself to listen to the rest of the Chickenfoot album today and it didn’t get any better. (disappointing effort all around)

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