Joe Satriani hits the studio for new album…

Joe Satch just posted this announcement that he began work on his next album which will be his follow-up from his 2013 record, “Unstoppable Momentum” (which kicks total ass, btw).

While I do like shred guitar virtuosos such as Joe Satch, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Yngwie and all those guys… I give the utmost respect to Joe Satriani and Al Di Meola. Joe Satriani and Al Di Meola are both of my heroes and both of those guys are coming out with new records this year so bring ’em on!

How big of a fan I am of Joe Satriani? HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just fucking love the guy’s music and I’m trying to collect all of his stuff as much as possible. I’m trying to collect his discography. Of course, I first got into this guy’s music by hearing his iconic album, “Surfing With the Alien”, that was the album that got me into his music. I even got the rare opportunity to see Joe Satriani live years ago and it was an amazing night, I’ll never forget it. So far, I have 7 of his albums and counting.

Next time I download music from Itunes, I’ll get another Satriani album. I just love his music, man. He’s a genius musician and guitar player. I also love the work Satriani did with Chickenfoot ’cause I have the two of their albums as well.

Listen to a track of his below from his latest album for your listening enjoyment.

So Joe Satriani, Al DiMeola and Slayer all have new records coming out this year. I’m looking forward to all of them!


7 thoughts on “Joe Satriani hits the studio for new album…”

    1. Yes, he is amazing. He also seems like a good guy too. He’s very positive and very humble! I still need to read his book, “Strange Beautiful Music”, though and will soon!


      1. Yeah, I’m a big Dream Theater fan as well. I also got a few D.T. albums and trying to get more of their stuff. Looking forward to their next record too.


      2. The only D.T. albums I have by them are:

        Dream Theater (2013 self-titled)
        A Dramatic Turn Of Events
        Systematic Chaos

        They’re all real good. I gotta get around to getting their older stuff though and will!


      3. I recommend getting these DT studio albums “Black Clouds & Silver Linings,” “Train of Thought,” “Images and Words,” “Falling Into Infinity,” and “Awake.”

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