Oscar nominees will be revealed next week on Jan. 15th and they will be announced by…

… JJ Abrams and Chris Pine. Cheryl Boone Isaacs and director Alfonso Cuaron will also help announce the nominees.

This year’s Oscars should be interesting. What will be the Best Picture nominees?

“American Sniper” maybe. I also think the “Theory of Everything” is gonna get a nod ’cause of Stephen Hawking. “Birdman” could also get a nod for “Best Picture.

What about “Gone Girl” and “Interstellar”??? I’m hoping but I doubt it, though.

I haven’t seen “American Sniper” yet but I’m gonna see it next week, hopefully. “American Sniper” comes out in theaters everywhere next Friday on Jan. 16th so I’ll see it then.

While I would like “American Sniper” to get the Best Picture win, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I wouldn’t be surprised that the Best Picture win will probably end up going to that Stephen Hawking movie. I know the Oscars love those sad and powerful emotional drama type of movies. That’s what they mostly go for instead of the sci-fi and action films.

While Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” was the best Marvel film and I think it’s one of the best superhero films of all time… it’s not gonna get a best picture nod ’cause the Oscars aren’t into those kind of movies. Once again, they mostly go for the sad and powerful drama type of movies.

It’s gonna be interesting to see the nominees next week.

I hate most award shows but I continue to watch the Oscars every year since I’m a huge movie buff and all.


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