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Interesting interview with Joe Satriani with AOL… with host Brad Tolinski of Guitar World…

Joe Satriani, the legendary guitar virtuoso just did a Q&A session with AOL with host Brad Tolinski who is the editor in chief for Guitar World magazine.

There are some pretty interesting discussions. He talks guitars of course, the new album “Shockwave Supernova”, they talked some about Joe’s past albums, he talks a lot about Steve Vai… as some of you know Joe Satriani taught Steve Vai to play guitar. Now we finally know the answer on why Joe Satch and Steve Vai never made a studio record and Joe explains it in this interview. Joe’s answer to that question is that if they went into the studio together, they would fight over ideas and things like that. They get along well but they’re worried that they won’t get along well in the studio, ha! That’s why they never made a record together but who knows? Never say never. Maybe they will get around to making a record together someday.

Joe also gave some guitar playing advice, of course. I love how Joe recommend guitar players that they shouldn’t worry about finger exercises. You know how you do chromatic exercises and speed exercises for scales? Joe doesn’t recommend finger exercises at all if you wanna play fast. A lot of guitar players would waste a lot of time practising exercises on a metronome to see how fast they can play. All that stuff may be nice but it’s a waste of time. Joe says that making music is more important. You want your lead playing to sound musical. Try to work on your musical phrasing on a metronome instead of finger exercises. He never agreed with finger exercises, he’s always more worried about sounding more musical in your lead playing. Sounds like good advice to me. Maybe I should forget about finger exercises too and just concentrate on being musical.

Joe is one musician who gives the best interviews. He’s such a nice guy and there’s no ego in this man at all. So down to earth and he’s real honest too! While Joe is an honest guy, he tries his best not to sound mean or harsh. He’s not like Noel Gallagher or Kerry King of Slayer who are always such jerks in interviews. Joe is the man!

Listen to this interview. It’s well worth it. “Shockwave Supernova” is a great album, btw. I listened to it on Apple Music once and it’s an awesome album. It’s different than his earlier stuff as expected ’cause Joe’s always doing something different every album.