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Song Of The Day: “Mind-Spun” by Animals As Leaders…

Animals As Leaders is an instrumental prog-rock band with 8 string guitarist (yes, you heard that right, this guy is an 8 stringer), Tosin Abasi. The Animals As Leaders “Joy Of Motion” is one of my favorite records of this year, 2014.

This is my favorite track off the album, “Mind-Spun”. There’s all kinds of cool things going on and pretty melodic playing on here. I love Tosin’s guitar playing style.

Enjoy the track.


Check out these 4 famous guitarists discussing guitar playing in this cool video!!!

This video is pretty sweet. 4 famous guitarists discuss guitar playing for the upcoming G4 experience… more here: http://www.g4experience.com/.

This is a roundtable discussion with Joe Satriani, Tosin Abasi, Guthrie Govan and Andy Aledort. There are some pretty deep discussions on guitar playing here. You can tell by the looks of their faces as you watch this video that they are very passionate about guitar playing and they take it very seriously.

Are famous guitar players intimidating people? As you can see in this video, they aren’t at all! They’re just normal guys who just love playing guitar!!!

A true guitar lover is somebody who takes it passionately and would have no problem talking about music and guitar playing all the time. All 4 of these guys are great guitarists.

I don’t have any albums by the Aristocrats but I heard some of their stuff in youtube and Guthrie Govan is amazing. I wanna start getting some music by the Aristocrats hopefully soon.