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Report: Cat Stevens follows Joe Satriani’s footsteps, Stevens claims Coldplay stole one of his songs…

Joe Satriani isn’t the only one that feels Coldplay steals songs from other artists, Cat Stevens is another one. Cat Stevens threatens Coldplay the band with a plagiarism lawsuit. Stevens haven’t sued the band yet, but he is planning on it. Stevens said that Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” sounds exactly like Stevens song, “Foreigner Suite”. Stevens is not going to force legal action yet, depending on how well Joe Satriani is fighting it. Meaning if Satriani wins the battle, Stevens won’t bother suing. If Satriani loses, Stevens will take action.

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*sigh* I’m sure Cat Stevens and Joe Satriani are not the only bands and artists with the same melodies to “Viva La Vida”. I’m sure there are tons of other songs that sound the same with the same chord progression.

Listen to Cat Stevens “Foreigner Suite” and you be judge if they sound the same. It starts off around the 4:00 mark in the video. I notice the similarities but so what, this isn’t lawsuit worthy and neither Joe or the Cat has no case. It’s music!!! It’s hard to make original music these days since everything has been done. What if Joe Satriani took his idea from Cat Stevens? Why can’t Cat threaten the Satch with a lawsuit and accuse him instead? Oh that’s right, they are not as popular as Coldplay are. Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy…


Report: Coldplay defends “Viva La Vida” in court, says Joe Satch’s song shouldn’t receive copyright protection…

Coldplay is fighting Joe Satriani in Federal Court today. Chris Martin and the guys in Coldplay are attending Federal Court, it seems that Joe Satriani himself isn’t there. Satch’s lawyer, Howard E. King, is doing the battling for him.

Coldplay denies “similarities” between the songs, “Viva La Vida” and, “If I Could Fly”, and says that the two songs weren’t enough to warrant damages. Which I agree with. Coldplay also says that Satriani’s song lacks, “originality” and shouldn’t receive copyright protection. Is Coldplay accusing Joe of ripping off the band?

I actually agree with the band, Coldplay, that the two songs sound nothing like each other. Those that think they do sound similar, aren’t very smart and intelligent about music. I think everybody sticks by Joe Satriani’s side, because he isn’t a mainstream musician like Coldplay is.

Joe Satriani has no case, and has no way to prove that Coldplay ripped him off. And why isn’t Joe Satriani himself isn’t attending court in person? If he’s that desperate to win this battle, do you think he’d be there too? Unfortunately, he isn’t. The reason he isn’t there because Joe knows he’s going to lose this battle. Joe attacked Coldplay for publicity, hoping that will help make the Satch a mainstream artist.

I’m not defending Coldplay, not to be a fan, although I am a fan of Coldplay’s music, that’s not the reason I’m defending them. The reason I’m defending Coldplay is that it’s about being real and honest. If I was in the jury of that federal court battle, I would have done anything it took to prove Coldplay innocent to the other jury members.

Coldplay is going to win this battle, all the way. Sorry, Satch, but your ego isn’t going anywhere.

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Report: Coldplay responds to Joe Satriani publicily very briefly…

Since Joe Satriani spoke publicily about his lawsuit against the band Coldplay, the band Coldplay themselves wrote a statement on their official website, responding to the Satch very briefly.

The band Coldplay denies ripping off “Viva La Vida” from Satch’s song “If I Could Fly”, and claims it was coincidental. The band asks the Satch to accept it for what it is and to move on. The band respects the Satch as the legend he is and they have nothing personal against the man either.

From Coldplay’s official website:


I actually agree with Coldplay that it’s coincidental. I mean, when you’re writing a song, you never know if your song will sound exactly like another song out there. It’s because the world of music is so strong and powerful, that it’s so hard to write a song that is not similar to other music. Writing songs that sounds similar to other songs happens all the time. It’s pretty normal.

I don’t see the Satch dropping the lawsuit against Coldplay. Satch will want to fight this thing. Can I say that Satch is a bit jealous of Coldplay? Did the Satch sue Coldplay out of jealousy?

Coldplay is a band that sold millions of records every album they did while Joe Satriani was only huge for one album which “Surfing With the Alien” is Satch’s most popular album, it was the album that made Satriani big and famous anyway. Satriani’s other albums weren’t big sellers.

Come on Satch. Have a heart around Christmas and catch Chris Martin a break. Chris and Gwyneth have a family for Christmas and Satch shouldn’t ruin their Christmas by taking everything away from them. Do what’s right Joe, bury the hatchet with Coldplay!! Joe is better than this!