Report: Coldplay defends “Viva La Vida” in court, says Joe Satch’s song shouldn’t receive copyright protection…

Coldplay is fighting Joe Satriani in Federal Court today. Chris Martin and the guys in Coldplay are attending Federal Court, it seems that Joe Satriani himself isn’t there. Satch’s lawyer, Howard E. King, is doing the battling for him.

Coldplay denies “similarities” between the songs, “Viva La Vida” and, “If I Could Fly”, and says that the two songs weren’t enough to warrant damages. Which I agree with. Coldplay also says that Satriani’s song lacks, “originality” and shouldn’t receive copyright protection. Is Coldplay accusing Joe of ripping off the band?

I actually agree with the band, Coldplay, that the two songs sound nothing like each other. Those that think they do sound similar, aren’t very smart and intelligent about music. I think everybody sticks by Joe Satriani’s side, because he isn’t a mainstream musician like Coldplay is.

Joe Satriani has no case, and has no way to prove that Coldplay ripped him off. And why isn’t Joe Satriani himself isn’t attending court in person? If he’s that desperate to win this battle, do you think he’d be there too? Unfortunately, he isn’t. The reason he isn’t there because Joe knows he’s going to lose this battle. Joe attacked Coldplay for publicity, hoping that will help make the Satch a mainstream artist.

I’m not defending Coldplay, not to be a fan, although I am a fan of Coldplay’s music, that’s not the reason I’m defending them. The reason I’m defending Coldplay is that it’s about being real and honest. If I was in the jury of that federal court battle, I would have done anything it took to prove Coldplay innocent to the other jury members.

Coldplay is going to win this battle, all the way. Sorry, Satch, but your ego isn’t going anywhere.

Billboard reports:


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