In defense of Taylor Swift going pop…

There’s a lot of controversy over Taylor Swift going pop for her next album, “1989” which is about to get released next week. I really meant what I said when I said that I really dug her new song, “Shake It Off” and I’m probably gonna end up getting her new album, “1989”. Admittedly, I’ve always dug Taylor Swift’s music even her country stuff.

When I say that I dig Taylor Swift’s music, I usually get knocked for it and people make fun of me for it but I don’t care. Am I supposed to have the same taste in music with the majority of the public? No. I will like what I want to. While I mostly love to listen to rock n’ roll, hard rock, metal… I would listen to a little bit of everything else and that includes some pop and country.

When it comes to Taylor Swift’s new album, “1989”, I’m seeing a lot of angry comments from Taylor Swift fans who were fans of her country music stuff. She’s getting a lot of flak for switching to pop music. She’s getting a lot of pissed off fans threatening to never support her again and they even threatened they wouldn’t buy her new album ’cause of the genre change.

Stop. Time out.

Artists switching genres is nothing new in the music business. When artists decide to do something different, they get a lot of flak for it and controversy sparks out of their genre changes. I can name a bunch of examples…

Remember when Bob Dylan made the switch from folk music to full blown rock n’roll in 1965 when Dylan went electric at Newport??? Dylan fans gave him a lot of shit for that.

Neil Young switches genres all the time. He goes from acoustic music to full band electric with Crazy Horse… it’s always back and forth with Neil. This time Neil have changed genres and stayed away from acoustic/electric by doing an album with an orchestra with his next album called, “Storytone” about to get released next week too. Neil is getting a lot of mixed criticism for that too.

I remember when Metallica made the switch from thrash metal to alternative music with the release of “St. Anger”, “Load/Reload”. People gave them shit for that too.

David Bowie often changes genres from rock n’ roll to dance and electronic music.

U2 decided to go electronic music with their albums “Zooropa” and “POP”. Yes, they got a lot of flak for that too.

Led Zeppelin did the same with their “In Through The Outdoor” album. That album was a more mellower and different than the earlier albums ’cause it had more piano driven songs on it. The critical reception to “In Through The Outdoor” wasn’t very well received ’cause people expected them to play their usual hard rock stuff and they didn’t hear that on that album.

I respect artists that tries to do something ballsy and risky. They just want to try something different and if Taylor wants to try something different, more power to her. On top of that, I don’t think Taylor’s switch to pop music is gonna be a permanent thing. Maybe she will do a Neil Young kind of thing and she’ll switch back and forth to country and pop.

I respect Taylor for this ballsy move and I’ll probably get the new album ’cause of it. I’m liking the new songs I’m hearing on it so far.


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