Miley Cyrus joins the “Free The Nipple” campaigning bandwagon against Instagram…

Damn… I missed Miley’s pic before they took it down (I’ll google around for it, though). I looked at Miley’s twitter (yes, twitter allows nudity) page to see if they have it there but they don’t have it there on her page either.

Why are these celebrity women fighting against Instagram hoping they get their right to expose their titties? Nudity is against the TOS at Instagram. I read the TOS there myself. It’s right there on No. 2.

You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.

I’m sure Chelsea Handler and all of these other celebrity women knows it’s against the TOS but why are they dying to have their right to expose their titties online so badly? Like I said, it’s their bodies so they should be able to have the right to show it all off if they please. In my opinion, looking at boobs isn’t a big deal at all. They feel that the strict TOS rules are censoring their right to do so. So they protest and campaign against the strict TOS rules hoping they would change the TOS rules so women can have their right to post topless photos. It’s a good fight and I like what they’re doing.

I don’t see Chelsea Handler and other celebrity women backing down on this. I think more celebrity women are gonna join in on this fight in the future. It’s a “women’s rights” kind of thing and that’s what they’re doing it for.


One thought on “Miley Cyrus joins the “Free The Nipple” campaigning bandwagon against Instagram…”

  1. This could be the next big thing… it’s gonna go viral or it already has?

    Yes, Chelsea and Miley are gonna get all kinds of hate for this but I’m sure they’re willing to take the heat for sending a message.

    In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with women wanting to show off. If they wanna do it, that’s their choice and their decision. It should be, anyway.

    Yes, there’s gonna be all kinds of easily offended people pretending they’ve never seen boobs before and the easily offended will slam men for droolin’ all over the pics but whatever it takes to send a message.

    There’s also gonna be all kinds of people calling out men sending these women “perverted” comments and stuff but that’s what these women put out these pics for. They do it to drive guys crazy ’cause they love that kind of attention. When they put out these kind of pics for the whole world to see, they’re gonna get all kinds of sexual comments by men. That’s what the women want and why they put out these pics to begin with.


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