Is James Franco a sexual predator of underage girls? Something tells me this wasn’t the first time he’s done it…

These are the kind of things that goes on in Hollywood. This girl is only responding to James Franco because she is probably thrilled that a big Hollywood movie star is talking to her in a back and forth chat. James’s “celebrity” status is making him think he can get any girl he pleases… it’s his huge ego. The guy maybe a talented actor but in real life, he can be a bit of a whack-job. Just look at his “selfie” obsession for proof on that.

I think this guy should get arrested and get questioned. Maybe there should be a new TV show, “To catch a ‘celebrity’ predator”, hosted by Chris Hansen again. James is only 35 years old and he’s talking to her like a teenage boy as you can clearly see, that’s some good acting, James.

I hate that instagram site anyway. You would never see me on it ’cause I don’t take a lot of photos. I’m not that obsessed with it.


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