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This is an interesting question about Donald Trump being a racist…


Donald Trump has been around for many years before he decided to run for president so how come nobody called him a racist before then? Interesting if you think about it, right?

All of Donald Trump’s views on Immigration, the Black Lives Matter crowd and stuff like that is nothing new ’cause he’s been talking about that stuff long before he decided to run for president. Before then, he never got any of this hatred and backlash so what’s up?

Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. It’s just that the libtard left overuses that word “racist” a bit too much. They’re obsessed with that word for sure.


Carly was the only one who brought up Benghazi but all the others didn’t…

It seems to me that the GOP candidates don’t really care to talk about Benghazi but the only candidate who is willing to talk about Benghazi is Carly Fiorina. Benghazi shouldn’t be forgotten and shouldn’t be left out of the picture at all so thanks to Carly for continuing to bring it up. That’s why I’m starting to like Carly ’cause she seems to care about getting answers for Benghazi which is good.

Some people may accuse Carly of attacking Hillary about Benghazi for more votes but that’s not true. Carly is just like us. She wants answers for the Benghazi attacks just like us and she’s doing all she can to fight to get answers so to do that, she must attack Hillary. Hillary should be in a prison, not running for president. So for Carly being the only GOP candidate willing to talk about Benghazi is what’s getting me to like her more and more.

While Donald Trump is still my choice for prez, Carly would have to be my second choice now. Either that or Carly would make a great running mate for Trump. If Carly loses the election, she wouldn’t make a bad vice-president for the Donald at all.

If Carly keeps impressing me, who knows, maybe I’ll one day support her instead of Donald but too early for that, though. If Carly wins the nomination instead of Donald Trump, I’ll vote for her for sure.