Liberals really are afraid of the truth when it comes to Benghazi… think about it…

When the latest news of Benghazi came out for both Barack Obama and Hillary, I posted the news in facebook and it pissed off a few. It’s finally proven that the Benghazi youtube video is bullshit and it was finally proven that Benghazi turned out to be a US gun running operation going on. Sure enough, a few wanna shrug that stuff off and call that news a bunch of bullshit “conspiracy theory” by FOX News. The thing is, FOX News didn’t exclusively reported that story. They just took what the Judicial Watch reported and I told everyone that too.

So more Hillary news came out of Benghazi today by the NY Times. I’m no fan of the NY Times but wow, they exposed Hillary on this one big time:

I think it’s safe to say that Hillary is done. She won’t even make it past the primaries in the elections at all.

Like I said before, no matter what kind of truth comes out of Benghazi… liberals are never gonna believe it. I think they do believe it and they know Hillary and Barack are responsible for Benghazi… it’s just that the left can’t take the truth. It’s upsetting them to find out that their Barack and Hillary are criminals and they’re fucking hating it too!

When liberals get upset at Benghazi news, it doesn’t bother me at all ’cause I find it entertaining as hell and just get out the popcorn.

Why is it that the left continues to support left-wing politicians who are criminals? It proves that liberals are very delusional people. Living in their own fantasy world. They don’t understand politics like they think they do.

It’s pissing them off ’cause they can’t stand the fact that their first black president and their possible first woman president turned out to be evil monsters. They just can’t take the truth. Period. End of story.


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