Honestly getting bored of acoustic, I wanna rock!!!

I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for so long that I think I’ve finally grown kind of bored of it and sick of it. I’ve been picking up my electric guitar a lot more. Ya know, I think I’m capable of playing heavy rock music ’cause that’s what I’ve been messing around with a lot lately. Trying to come up with some pretty cool riffs and hard rock songs. Yes, the hard rock stuff that you could probably head bang to and even mosh to. I think I’m capable of playing that kind of music.

Although, I love metal like thrash metal, prog rock and death/black metal… I won’t be able to perform that kind of music ’cause I’m not a screamer or a growler. I’m not that kind of singer. I will still play hard rock & metal, I’ll just sing regularly… kind of like how Ozzy and Glen Danzig sings, ya know?

I think I can make some pretty good hard rock songs and that’s the kind of record I wanna make someday. In order for me to play that kind of music, I might just have to get my own band together and I’ve been thinking about that for a pretty long time… however, I don’t think my P.A. System is loud enough to sing in a full band with. The P.A. System I have was meant for acoustic performances. Someday I will buy a better and louder P.A. System so I can perform in a band with but I’ll still try to get a band when recording an album, though.

I’ve always wanted to make a hard rock & metal kind of record ’cause I’ve always liked heavy music. I think some of you know that. I’ve always been into bands like Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Maiden, Scorpions, etc.

I really wanna make a full blown guitar rock album. I’m just trying to improve my lead guitar chops and my music theory knowledge first. Don’t wanna rush and get too ahead of myself.


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