I wish the liberal left would have more compassion to the Benghazi 4 and their families…

Why don’t the liberal community care or don’t even know about the Benghazi attacks? Why don’t they care when they should? I think part of that reason is that the MSM refuses to report about Benghazi. Why don’t the MSM report about Benghazi? I think it’s because Obama and his admin. orders the media not to report about Benghazi. More of their “coverup” for sure. Benghazi would have absolutely been a big news story if the media did their jobs, ya know? I think more liberals would have cared about Benghazi if it was reported more. The media refuses to hold Obama and his admin. accountable over Benghazi which is pretty sickening.

Whether you guys on the left think Obama did it or not, you still should have some compassion for the 4 victims that were killed there that night. You should have more compassion for the Benghazi 4 and their families the same way you give compassion to 9/11/01 victims and their families.

But nope…

Instead, the liberal left have to have a back & forth political debate over Benghazi. I’ve seen the liberal left say some pretty nasty things about the Benghazi attacks… bullshit like: “It happened a long time ago”, “What about Bush’s 12 embassies”, “These things happen all the time”, etc. I’ve seen much worse. They try to help protect Barack Obama as well. THey don’t want him to go to prison. Period.

It’s a real shame that Benghazi got less recognition when it should. Those 4 victims: Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty deserves more compassion by the liberal left but instead they get worried about Barack and Hillary going to prison.

Hopefully, Michael Bay’s “13 Hours” movie will help make Benghazi a little more mainstream. Everybody should know how serious this tragedy was.


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