Video: Obama awards a bunch of artistic people including Stephen King, Sally Field and more…

I think this is good enough proof that Obama is nothing but a narcissistic jackass. A man who is obsessed with his own self. Living in his own little world that he thinks he’s god or something.

These are the kind of things he does to get America to treat him positively while at the same time he’s destroying our country. Obama is intentionally destroying our country but delusional people continue to blindly support him. Obama doesn’t care about ruining Americans lives so he does something like this to get their minds off of it. Right now the liberal community is going, “OMG, congrats to Stephen King and the rest of the recipients”.

Even though Stephen King is turning out to be a die-hard liberal, I still love his stories and his writing. It doesn’t mean I’ll burn all of his books ’cause he supports Obama. Stephen King meets the antichrist and tyrant, now that’s a horror story he can write! Ha! Anyway, I’ll still support and love King’s work ’cause he is my favorite writer regardless of his liberal politics.

I just came up with a video idea about “People treating Obama positively and why they shouldn’t”. That’s a nice idea, really. I’ll start writing the script today and might have it up this weekend or next week.

Obama trying to look like a hero before his presidency goes out. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.


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