What will it take to get ALL Americans to believe that Benghazi isn’t about taking down Hillary or Obama at all???

Thanks to Kevin McCarthy and his big mouth, his words about Benghazi is proof that he isn’t fit to be the new House Speaker at all. His comments about Benghazi sparked a firestorm and debate. He accused Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee investigation on Benghazi is the one responsible for bringing down Hillary’s poll numbers. In other words, he just blamed Trey Gowdy for Hillary’s polls numbers. McCarthy is full of shit and I’m sure libtards are applauding the hell out of the guy and libtards probably believe him.

The Democrats who have taken part of the Select Committee tried to take a vote in hopes of trying to stop funding the Committee and also hoping to shut it down. Of course, the Democrats failed… they couldn’t get enough votes in to shut down the Select Committee which is a good thing.


I predicted a long time ago that the only reason Democrats jumped aboard the Select Committee was to protect Hillary Clinton and they were going to try to shut down the Select Committee later on — by golly, was my prediction exactly right!

I’ve said it time and time again that Trey’s “Select Committee” isn’t about trying to take down Hillary or Barack Obama. It’s about seeking answers and getting the truth of the 4 Americans that were killed there, the victims families are still looking for answers and that’s why the Select Committee was set up to get answers for them and to get answers for us. Yes, getting Benghazi answers also concerns the rest of us Americans as well out of our safety and all.

I’m glad the House shot down the Democrats proposal on trying to shut down the investigation. They did a smart thing.

I wish this country would have more compassion to the 4 victims of Benghazi. If you had family members that were killed for no reason, you’d want answers too so those who are worried about Hillary or Barack getting in trouble needs to shut the fuck up and show some damn respect. Benghazi was a serious tragedy and yes, it matters. This isn’t about Hillary or Barack, it’s about: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods. 4 military heroes who sacrificed themselves to protect other people. They were the ones who helped stopped the attacks and if it weren’t for them, it could have been much worse.


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