Donald Trump stands up for Dr. Ben Carson in one simple tweet… WOW!!!!

Donald Trump has never been the one to defend other GOP candidates but he actually stood up for Dr. Ben Carson which is pretty cool. Ben Carson is being accused by libtard media of disrespecting the Oregon victims but I don’t see how. Ben Carson is only explaining what he would have done if he was in the situation. He’s just saying that shooting victims has every right to defend themselves which they don’t do much of and that’s one reason why we need our guns, folks.

If there was a gunman standing there pointing a gun directly at your head, you wouldn’t just stand there and let him shoot you either. I would have done whatever it took to survive even if it meant killing the gunman myself.

That’s the thing with libtard media… they seem to be attacking the GOP candidates who are pretty high in the polls but they are pretty cool with the GOP candidates who aren’t doing well in the polls, I’ll have another topic on that another time.


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