Shutting down Trey Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi is not gonna solve anything so keep trying…

Even if liberals could be successful at shutting down Trey Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi sometime in the future, that’s not gonna solve anything. Like I keep saying, Benghazi is never gonna go away until the truth comes out which is true if you think about it. Even if liberals could be successful at shutting down Trey’s investigation, somebody else will go after the truth of Benghazi. So if you think shutting down Trey’s investigation will stop the truth from coming out, think again.

I would suggest liberals to stop their war against Gowdy’s committee ’cause why? Liberals don’t understand what kind of truth is gonna come out of it and it’s not gonna be good. Whatever truth that comes out of Benghazi… liberals are not gonna like it. Yeah, the truth of Benghazi is probably gonna turn out to be a US gun running operation like we’ve all been saying but I’m sure the truth will be much darker and deeper than that… something like possibly to kidnap Ambassador Stevens to trade for the Blind Sheik, that could come out too. It could turn out to be something different. Maybe Hillary and Obama both wanted Amb. Stevens to be killed. You just never know what’s gonna come out.

I’m tired of it… when you try to tell liberals how criminal and how much of a liar Hillary can be, they won’t listen to you. They’ll call you a crazy conservative or a conspiracy theorist which is nothing new when you call out liberal politicians. Anybody that calls out a liberal politician whether it will be Hillary, Barack or Bernie Sanders is immediately judged as crazy? They’ll accuse you of looking at wrong sources like Fox News and some crap like that. Liberals will never accept any kind of truth no matter what comes out. They are that one sided, always siding with their team. They won’t listen to right-wingers criticizing liberal politicians at all. Liberals will only believe what NBC, Media Matters and the Washington Post will tell them. Liberals won’t accept any kind of truth no matter what gets thrown at them.

In the naive mind of a libtard, they believe Hillary is winning which to me is pretty disgusting. Hillary isn’t winning. Hillary winning is just a fantasy of a libtard. Trying to make her look good is all they’re doing.

Even if there is hard evidence proving that Hillary wanted Ambassador Stevens dead, they’ll make her president anyways which is how fucked up our country really is right now.


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